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Guidelines On How To Write Project Report For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

After the project that can be either bench work, a survey or research on recent trends, a student start writing the project work. Writing a good project depends on several factors. However, one thing I have observed is that the project format for those that involve bench work is somewhat different from those that involve survey and recent trends which is common in PCA.
Some supervisors prefer the student to submit a complete project write-up before adding a correction. On the other hand, others may like bit-by-bit (chapter-by-chapter) kind of correction. However, both methods should produce the same result.
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In addition, some supervisors prefer that the student should print a copy for correction with a pen. This is gradually becoming obsolete, as it is expensive for the student. The student can simply send a soft copy to the supervisor using a mail. The copy is sent back to the student with notes of correction us…

Project Work In Pharmacology And Therapeutics Department In Pharmacy

As we have seen before in this blog, Pharmacology and Therapeutics or Toxicology (P.C.L) is the major link between pharmacy and medical departments. Project work in this department is one of the simplest for pharmacy students. However, there is a big ‘but’ to that statement. You may want to know the reason.

Pharmacognosy And Traditional Medicine Project For Pharmacy Student In Nigeria

We have discussed project work in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration (P.C.A), which centers on survey method for research. The other departments in pharmacy do survey research or bench work. Bench work in these other departments during a project can cross into one another department. Lastly, bench work in projects is mainly experimental practical carried out during practical classes during school days. With this in mind, let us look at project work in the Department of Pharmacognosy and Traditional Medicine (P.C.G).

Clinical Pharmacy And Pharmacy Administration Project Pattern In Nigeria

For pharmacy students to continue with their project in Nigeria, their topic or proposal must be accepted by the supervisor. After approval, the next step is to start the research properly. There are about six departments in pharmacy. This blog will discuss project works in all departments as time go on. However, this post is about the project in Clinical Pharmacy And Pharmacy Administration (P.C.A).
Reasons Students prefer Project In Clinical Pharmacy And Pharmacy Administration PCA is the only department where research is carried out with a survey. Survey is preferred due to the following reasons;

It is cheapIt is easyIt saves timeHigh possibility of finding a similar research onlineThe survey can easily be manipulated by the student
We will understand the above reason before the end of this post.
The survey is an activity that targets to collect information in an organised and methodical manner about characteristics of interest form some or all units of a population using well-defi…

As Pharmacists Around The World Celebrates The 'World Pharmacists Day'

As September 25 draws near, the over 4 million pharmacists around the world have set up one or two plans to celebrate. For those who do not know the reason for this celebration, it can be summed up in this post.
September 25 of every year is term ‘World Pharmacist Day.’ It is a day set aside by the International Pharmacists Federation (F.I.P) to celebrate the contributions of pharmacist all around the world to the health of the people.
FIP is a global federation representing over three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists all around the world. It was founded in the year 1912 with its headquarters at Netherlands.
The Turkey Pharmacists Association (T.A.P) at Istanbul, Turkey in the year 2009 suggested a day for the celebration of achievements of pharmacists. It was unanimously accepted the year 2010. The choice of the date was not a problem as it was chosen to coincide with the date the FIP was founded. Ever since then, the celebration has gone around the world on yearly …

How To Write A Project Proposal For Pharmacy students In Nigeria

Once a project topic has been approved, the next steps in some cases is to write a project proposal. This is not always the case. It all depends on if your supervisor wants one. The truth is that proposals for undergraduate school projects is a little bit different from when one wants to write a proposal for other projects.

Guidelines On How To Choose A Project Topic In Pharmacy

The fear of school project is the beginning of hard work. The curiosity of what final year project is going to look like is normal among final year students. Making the right choice is a very difficult task. The choice is to put into account the right department and the right project supervisor to the right topic. All these choices if properly selected will make the student to achieve a very good project work that will be appreciated by the external supervisor at minimum cost to the student.

Introduction To Pharmacy School Library In Nigeria

One of the academic requirements of accrediting the pharmacy programme is access to an academic library. Schools make provision for a general library. However, schools of pharmacy have their own library for pharmacy students.

Pharmaceutics And Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory Experiments In Nigeria

Pharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy, or pharmaceutical technology (P.C.T) is a name used by different schools for the department responsible for drug formulation. It is the most expensive department in pharmacy in the sense that the cost of setting it up is more than any other department in pharmacy. It educates students on how to formulate medicine.

Experiments In Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical Microbiology (P.M.B) is a branch of microbiology. An applied science course involves in the study of microorganisms associated with the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. It includes removing microbes from production process. Another very important aspect of PMB is the development and research of anti-infective agents and the production of pharmaceuticals using microorganisms. Lastly, it involves biochemical assay of drugs.

How To Write A Good Pharmacy Clerkship Report In Nigeria

After the end of the clerkship programme for pharmacy students, it is expected of them to prepare a formal case report. The report is all about the case of a patient that the student helped review during the clerkship period. Students are not expected to handle two cases. The report can be both in group and individual. The group case report follows a similar pattern with the individual format. The only difference is that the group will be presented as a slideshow and defended by the students belonging to the group.

All About Pharmaceutical Technology Programme In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical Technology is a course offered by some monotechnics or polytechnics in Nigeria. It is related to pharmacy. They are not regulated by Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N), and they are not a pharmacist. The academic regulation of pharmaceutical technology is done by National Board for Technical Education Board (N.B.T.E) although PCN has attempted to bring them under its umbrella, which failed.

Guidelines On How To Fill Clerkship Log Book For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

There has been a couple of post on this blog about clerkship (clinical rotation) for pharmacy students. However, there is an important aspect this blog have not touch which will be covered today. It is about how to fill a clerkship logbook for pharmacy students in Nigeria.

Pharmacology Laboratory Experiments For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Before we delve deep into the topic proper, it is good to explain something in pharmacy. The naming of pharmacy department varies slightly among the different schools in the world. Some schools may name pharmacology department in several ways such as pharmacology, pharmacology and therapeutics or pharmacology and toxicology. This naming issue cuts across the others but more prominent in pharmacology.
Pharmacology is mainly the study of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs or other chemicals since some pharmacology now deals with the toxic nature of chemicals other than drugs. This is covered in a space of three years of pharmacy school.
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Pharmacology is the main course that unites the faculty of pharmacy with other medical courses. The theory studies also by some other medical departments. In addition, the laboratory experiments in pharmacology really give a detail explanation as to how…

Meaning Of Pharmacist Registration, Licensing And Certification In Nigeria

As at June 2017, the Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N), the regulatory body of pharmacy education and regulation in Nigeria complained about the gap between the registered pharmacists and licensed ones. According to PCN, there are about 21, 892 registered pharmacist in Nigeria. Of this few number, only 12, 700 has been duly licensed to practice. This number is far low compared to the millions of persons they are to serve.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical Chemistry (P.H.C) is a major and very important department in pharmacy school. It encompasses drug design, synthesis, and the evaluation of drug efficacy and safety. Technically, it evolves from pharmacognosy and traditional medicine whereby natural remedies are extracted from plants. The extracts were isolated, purifies, and identified.

How To Study Pharmacy In Foreign Institutions From Nigeria

There are so many ways to gain admission into pharmacy school in Nigeria. However, they do not guarantee admission because the number of the students seeking admission into the schools of pharmacy is high and the number of students approves to admit each year by these schools is low. This is one of the main reason admission into pharmacy is considered one of the toughest in Nigeria. This is the reason some parents consider sending their wards to foreign schools.

Similarity And Difference Between Clinic And Hospital In Nigeria

A friend of mine was fortunate to run his clerkship programme in different hospitals. Along the line, it was observed that one of the hospitals was using the name ‘clinic’ which was bigger than the one with the name hospital. Therefore, this led to curiosity among all.

The Structure Of Health Care System In Nigeria

Some time ago in this blog, there was a post on the different types of hospitals in Nigeria. This post will categorize them into primary, secondary and tertiary health care based on the qualification of the provider and the facilities.
Health Care Health care is the provision of health related services by a health care provider in various fields to patients, which includes the pharmacy, medical doctor, nursing etc.

Health care provision is divided into three categories. This is based on the health care providers involved in the provision of the health care and the facilities involved. The disease to be treated by one health care may not be treated in the other. This means that the health care provider and facilities vary for each category.
Primary Health Care (P.H.C) Whenever I see or hear the word PHC, the matriculation number we used back in the days comes to mind. Since our matriculation number was using PHC as an identifier, we use to think it meant pharmacy. It took us time befo…

Different Examination Method Under Pharmacy School In Nigeria

Every semester in pharmacy school lasts for four months. This four months period is divided into teaching and examination. The teaching is for a period of three months while the examination takes the other one month. Teaching can be based on theory or experimental practical classes. The examination is also for both the theory class and the experimental practical classes. The examination for theory experimental practical classes has been discussed before in this blog. Today, we shall see how the examination is done in pharmacy.

All About Pharmacy Lecture Under Pharmacy School In Nigerian University

Pharmacy students will obviously face lectures from year one. Year one lectures are courses mainly by Faculty of Science (F.O.S). The FOS designs the methods adopted by these lecturers. The other year one course that is organised by the school such as General Study’s (G.S.T) lectures are somewhat similar. Since all year one normally experiences the same lecture design, I will not discuss it now.

Meet The Faculty Of Pharmacy Staffs In Nigerian University

It was normal for those who gain admission through Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (J.A.M.B) to be called Jambito. It was very easy to spot them. This is because they have little or no knowledge of what is at the university. They are usually confused as to office to enter and who to meet or whom they are talking to. This post is about to show you the likely staffs in the faculty of pharmacy and what they can do for you.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory Experiments Practical For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Pharmacognosy and traditional medicine is the oldest branch of all pharmaceutical sciences. Since it is argued that the oldest form of treatment was with the use of herbs, we can confidently say pharmacognosy and traditional medicine is the oldest form of all sciences.

The Challenges Facing Traditional Medicine Today

Traditional Medicines (T.M) cover treatment from different sources such as organisms, herbs, rocks and other natural materials. All these methods of treatments have really helped many people in the past including Nigerians.

Similarity And Difference Between Pharmacy And Pharmacology

Pharmacy students back in school like going by the title description of pharm (name). Pharmacology students also copied this. This confusion is becoming so rampant that college students get confused on what is the difference between the two courses. Here is the difference.
Pharmacy And Pharmacology Pharmacy is a health profession in which a pharmacist provide information regarding medication to patients and other health care professionals. They are medication experts concerned with drug design and development, distribution and safety use guarding the public on medication.

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There are about twenty schools offering pharmacy in Nigeria. It is a faculty of its own having about six departments under it. The departments include Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy (P.C.A), Pharmaceutical Chemistry (P.C.H), Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy (P.C.T), Pharmaceutical Microbiology (P.M.B), Pharmacognosy an…

The Reasons For Development Of Early Puberty In Children Lately

Puberty some years ago was a thing for those in their late teen. However, the age for attaining puberty has dropped tremendously over the ages affecting every country including  Nigeria. The age young boys and girls show sign of puberty is so alarming that parents are left in the dark.