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List Of Laboratory And Diagnostic Test And Their Function

Laboratory test and diagnostic procedures are required to ascertain the health condition of a person. There are several types with different procedures to determine the health condition of the individual. To give a precise medical diagnosis and initiate a treatment plan, prescriber request for these from the laboratory.
Community pharmacy is faced with reading and interpretation of different laboratory test. There are times they request a test from their patient. It is good we all get conversant with most of the available test and diagnosis around.
This list is long but focus more on the available test in Nigeria. It is not in any order. The list will be updated as time goes on.
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Clinical Chemistry 1. Liver function: this test is a blood test that is use to diagnose and monitor liver disease. The test measures the level of some protein and enzyme in the blood that are regulated by the liver. An increase or decreas…

Medication Reminder Tips For People Who Forget

Taking drugs according to prescription is known as medication adherence. This is one aspect that is very important to achieve the desired therapeutic goal of every medical intervention. There are many reasons people do to keep to their prescription. However, the most important one is forgetting to take the drugs when it is time or thinking it has been taken.
Before a medical doctor prescribed medication, they put into consideration the patient lifestyle and severity of the condition being treated. Single daily dosing is prescribe for some why drowsy drugs are reserve for patients who are not active physically at their place of work. This is done to increase patient medication adherence. However, there are certain condition that cause some patient to forget to take their medication.
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Why Some Don't Adhere To Dosing 1. Side effects: this is a common reason why some people skip doses. A new health challenge during medication can move s…

Tips On Giving Children Liquid And Solid Medication

Children don't know the importance of medication. They don't like taking medication. Children that take their medication easily are doing so because they either like the taste or other attributes of the prescribed drug. Majority don't like it. To get a child to take oral medication require some skills on behalf of the person giving it.
Each dosage form requires different techniques and at what age. It also depends on the means of administration. Liquid dosage form can be administered by drug spoon, syringe, drug measuring cup or dropper. The following guide should be of help.
Liquid Medication Infants are usually prescribed liquid medication. Dispersible medication that dissolve in a solvent such as water can also be referred to as liquid medication here. There are different ways to administer it for children. The choice of the tool to use usually consider the dose and the age of the child. Droppers are the best for very young children and when the liquid is a solution an…

How Adults Can Swallow Drug Pills If They Are Scared

There are different dosage form available for adult. The most common one is drug pills. It is cheap to produce, easy to self administer, with many other benefits. This cannot be said of the other dosage forms like injection. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of adults that find it difficult to swallow pills. According to one statistics, about 40 % of adults cannot swallow drug pills. This is pushing them to opt-in for the more painful injection.
Injection is never better than drug pills. There are so many disadvantages of injection over pills. Injection is only used in unconscious patient or when swallowing pills is difficult such as during emesis. Choosing injection because one cannot swallow drug pills should not be encouraged.
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Why some Adults Are Scared Of Drug Pill 1. Dosage form: drug pills come in various dosage form. Some people are more comfortable with some dosage form than others. Capsule is easy to some bu…

Causes, Effect And Solutions Of Polypharmacy In Nigeria

There are times patients are prescribe more than one drug. This can happen when a condition require multiple treatment option or when the patient is suffering from more than one disease condition. Each of the prescribed drug have a particular function in the disease condition. Some people call this situation polypharmacy. However, others define polypharmacy as a situation whereby a patient takes more than five different drugs at a time to treat one or more condition.
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There are advantages as well as disadvantages of polypharmacy. At old age, patient come down with many health condition that may require many drugs to treat it. Each of those drugs have different purposes. A careful selection will ensure they are all compactible with each other and suitable for their course.
When a patient is prescribed more than one drug, there is a high probability the patient may not comply and adhere to the dosing. There is also the problem with drug therapy …

At What Age Can Children Start Taking Tablet/Capsule/Caplet

Newborn babies to neonates and toddlers takes only liquid food. That is because they can digest it easily without stress. As they grow older, their digestive system develop to the point of digesting semi-solid food. No longer than that, they can eat solid food. Children drugs come in different formulation to each age grade. There is oral pediatric drop, suspense, syrups and dispersible tablets.
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While most adults can conveniently take solid dosage forms like tablets, capsules, caplets, etc, children cannot take these drugs. But there is a question that is disturbing many parents. They don't know at what age children can be considered adults capable of taking tablets, capsules, caplets, etc. without side effects.
Children Age And Dosage Form Newborn babies and toddlers can use oral pediatric drops. These drops are more of solution. This is easy for them to swallow and digest. There are no particles that can stick at the throat of the chi…

Deworming Drugs Are Not Best Taken At Night

Parasite are simple organisms that plague another organism for survival. Economic parasite worm are those that live in or on their host. The host include humans, animals and plants. They feed on the host energy and food supply without contributing anything. This is because they do not generate their own food or energy for survival.
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Parasite worm that infect humans can live anywhere in the body that is favourable. This include the hair, under the skin, nails, and the intestine. There are different treatment for each groups. The one that live in the intestine can be treated with oral drugs.
Intestinal parasite worm all have similar characteristics. They infect humans after ingestion of their eggs or larva. They go straight to the intestine where they inhabit, feeding on digested food in the intestine. They all have different mechanisms of attachment to the walls of the intestine. The females lay eggs in the intestine or better still, travel to the anu…

Content Of Pharmacy Council Of Nigeria Bill The President Is To Sign

There is pandemonium among pharmacist in Nigeria. They are agitating for the president to sign the pharmacy council of Nigeria bill. All hell was let loss when it was rumoured that the bill is missing.
The bill was written in 2010 and took six months to draft. It took the services of some members of the pharmacist's Council of Nigeria (PCN) and former director of food and drug services of the federal ministry of health (FMH). Others involve are some members of the pharmaceutical society of Nigeria (PSN), federal ministry of justice (FMJ), director of pharmaceutical services from states and the legal department of the federal ministry of health.
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The bill was passed by the lower house after two reading in 2017. It took three reading in the upper chamber before it was passed into the bill as a single bill and not as two. The reason for the combination is that they saw that both bills address the same issue.
Content Of The Pharmacy Co…

Is Potash (Nkanwu) Good Or Bad For Human Consumption

Potash also is known locally as nkanwu among others is a popular ingredient in many Nigerian cuisines. It is the second most popular salt in Nigeria. It serves different purposes depending on the food it is added to. In beans, it makes it tender acting as a tenderizer in a short time using minimum heat. In okro or ogbono soup, it increases the soup viscosity. In owho and even beans, it makes oily food turn emulsion.
However, potash is popular around the world for a different reason. It is an ingredient in fertilizers. It increases plant resistance to disease and heightens water retention.  Other uses are bleaching textiles, making glass, making soap, preservatives of meat and fish, etc.
Source Of Potash (Nkanwu) It is gotten from within the earth crust in large deposits around the world. It is formed when rock deposits with potash from ancient inland seas evaporate millions of generations ago. However, local production involves burning leave or wood to ash. The ash is added to hot wa…

Why Malaria Vaccine Is Taking So Long To Develop

Ever since vaccines were introduced, several vaccines have been developed. Many were able to stop the spread of deadly infection. Unfortunately, one of the most deadly diseases of all time malaria is yet to get a vaccine readily available. There are several factors that are contributing to the slow success of developing a vaccine for malaria.
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Vaccines are either live or attenuated microorganism. Unfortunately, this does not work with the malaria parasite. This is due to the complex malaria parasite life cycle and its ability to develop resistance. To understand whats scientist are up to, and the setbacks they face, let's take a look at the life cycle of this parasite.
Life Cycle Of Malaria Parasite There are five species of malaria parasite that cause infection. They are transmitted by the female Anopheles mosquito during a blood meal. The parasite known as a sporozoite of about 5-10 goes straight to the liver wit…