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Home Malaria Test Kit Called Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (MRDT)

Malaria is a disease cause by five specie of plasmodium. It's vector is the female anopheles mosquito. It is a deadly disease with high mortality rate. Malaria is an endemic disease common in the tropics. It is very common in places like Africa, Asia and South America with tropical climate. The signs and symptoms vary from one or more sign and symptoms like chills, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Unfortunately, these signs and symptoms are not peculiar to malaria alone. This makes diagnosis using just the signs and symptoms difficult. The only way to diagnose malaria is the use of microscopic assay. However, microscopic assay is not readily and easily available in many part of the country. That is why a malaria rapid diagnostic test (mRDT) is a savior.
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It was a standard some years ago to treat persons with one or more of the signs and symptoms mention above. This is because malaria was the major disease respo…

First Malaria Vaccine In Phase Three Clinical Trial

Malaria is an endemic disease cause by five species of plasmodium. The most prevalent of all the species is P. Falciparum. It is found in tropical environment like in Africa. More than 214 million case was recorded in the year 2015. The infection rate drop down in subsequent years only to witness a little rise of recnt. This shows that the present preventive and treatment plans are failing. Some of the preventive measures include the use of mosquito repellent treated bed net, windows and door screen and treating with antimalarial like artemisinin based combination therapy. This means the world especially Africa have to look for a good, cheap and effective alternative fast. This is where malaria vaccine comes into the picture.
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There are several vaccines that have been attempted. Majority of them have failed to pass the first and second clinical phase. More are still under investigation. However, the first approve malaria vaccine that have gotten to stag…

When Newborn Babies Don't Cry

The movie industry portray signal of child birth with a cry from the child. When women give birth to a child, they so expect the child to cry. If the child failed to cry, there is a general fear that grip mother and midwife. The next line of action is to force the child to cry. This is done through beating. It is true that majority of children at birth cry. But not all of them. There is a reason children cry. For those that don't, they may still be ok.
Why Newborn Babies Cry For nine months, they spent their life in a warm comfortable place. Temperature ok, humidity fine, no light to disturb the eye, no stress breathing through the noise as the umbilical cord does just that and everything is working perfectly ok.  The next thing is a push through a door that barely accommodate them.
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Immediately they are out, the light in the room hit their eyes. Still struggling to accommodate that, the room temperature hit them as it is different from that…

Free Dose Combination Therapy Can Replace Fix Dose Combination Therapy

Most patients come to the community or retail pharmacy to fill their prescription. Some medical doctors write brand names of single drugs which is not a good idea. But there are times such is necessary especially when the patient have tried other products with little or no success. Another thing common in this prescription is the use of fix dose combination products. The product contain one or more active ingredient to treat one of more condition. However, the free dose combination is also available. Why would a medical doctor do that? What are the benefits? Can a patient still use the free dose combination and get the therapeutic benefits? Let's look at the growing trend generally.
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Fix Dose Combination (FDC) Therapy The use of FDC started in the 1960s. The first product was a combination of two antihypertensive agents to treat hypertension. The result was positive. When the world health organization (W.H.O) first started the ess…

Dangers Of Using Natural Male Sex Enhancer Supplements

Synthetic sex enhancers such as sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis) are prescription only medications (P.O.M). However, they can be gotten over the counter even in patent medicine store in Nigeria because of our porous drug distribution system. Even as easily accessible as it is, patronage is dropping over the years. It is not that the number of people that need it is dropping. In fact, never in the history of man are these condition more common. However, many users are resorting to the alternative. What are these so-called alternative? Are they really better than the one we already know? Are they safer?
Natural Sex Enhancers Supplements Termed natural, they come in various forms. Some of the forms include tablet, capsules, syrups, solution, chewing gums, etc. They are called sex enhancers supplements. They are available over the counter in different shops such as pharmacy, patent shops, supermarket as over the counter (O.T.C) drug. Worst still, they do not go through many test…

Dangers Of Using Synthetic Male Sex Enhancers Or Aphrodisiac

Sex enhancement drugs, also known as aphrodisiac are prescribed by health care professional for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Also known as sexual dysfunction or impotence is cause by physical or psychology issues. Sex enhancers can help relieve the effect of sexual dysfunction when it is physical cause. They come in various forms. They are either synthetic or herbal. Sildenafil and tadalafil are the two most popular of the synthetic ones.
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It is known that these synthetic products come with many side effects. That is why prescriber's take many factors into consideration when prescribing it for their patient. Unfortunately, the general population get their hands on these products and use them without prescription. The painful part is that very young men are the major abusers. They take it at doses that is very dangerous to their health just to boost their moral.
At the right dose, sex enhancers work perfectly.…

Mentally Retarded (Mad) Persons Don't Live Healthy Longer Life

It is believe in Nigeria that mentally retarded people do not fall sick. It is also believe they do not die  on time. Onlookers expect to see them feeling more sick at one corner and die from their health condition. They reason that these persons in most cases eat dirty foods on the street in critical mental cases. They even walk barefoot on dirty places, and in long distance without getting medical care. From their physical looks, they are ok, looks well fed, healthy and doing well.
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Mentally retarded persons that are mad (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, chronic anxiety) do fall sick. In fact, they fall sick more than normal healthy persons. According to an analysis by Oxford university psychiatrist, it has been shown that serious mental illness reduce life expectancy by 10 to 20 years. More than 8 million mentally retarded persons die worldwide annually. They went on to explain the reason for such short life expecta…

Racecadotril, The Only Drug That Treats Acute Diarrhoea In Infants

The two leading cause of infant death in developing countries is malaria and diarrhoea. Over the years, the malaria related death have drop significantly. This can be attributed to the availability of preventive care and more effective drugs the malaria parasite is responsive to. However, with over 1.8 million under five years of age death due to diarrhoea annually, there is no drug for treating diarrhoea in children recommended by the world health organization (W.H.O). That is about to change with the introduction of racecadotril.
Before now, the WHO recommend the use of oral rehydration therapy for management of diarrhoea in children. This is no cure. It only reduce the effect of the diarrhoea. It is meant to replace lost electrolyte and water due to the diarrhoea. This is even the same thing the zinc in the oral rehydration therapy does.
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The WHO never recommend the use of loperamide drug for treating diarrhoea in children below 12 years of …

A Day In The Life Of A Retail Or Community Pharmacist

Community pharmacy practice is enjoyed by majority of pharmacist on it. It is the choice dream of many pharmacist in other career paths. There is money in it but not better than the other career paths. The major reason is because of the close personal contacts with patients more than the other career paths. The only career path close to it is hospital pharmacy practice. Most people not yet on it did usually wonder how the life of a community pharmacist is and what it entails.
Community Pharmacist In Morning Shift If you live in a neighborhood with with high population density and have to interact with people in your environment, your practice start almost from home. Waking up in the morning to your neighbor complaining of a headache that occurred last night to her or her child. You are attending to that one and another may be eavesdropping on your conversation to see what your neighbor is suffering from to have the next compound gossip.
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As you g…

How To Arrange Medical Products In Community Or Hospital Pharmacy

One of the most difficult challenge in starting a new community or retail pharmacy is arrangement of medical products. This challenge is not only limited to community or retail pharmacy alone. Hospital pharmacy still have a share. The only difference is that it is easy in hospital pharmacy than in community or retail pharmacy.
After renting a place, it is important to make a good plan how the drugs will be arranged. This will go along way in helping to plan the type of shelf and the store arrangement. The plan system should put into account so many factors. This will make it easy for the staffs.
Things To Consider Before Adopting A System A store with mostly pharmacist may have a different plan from the one that will have a lot of non-pharmacist staffs. Also, a shop that stock with only brands will be easy to arrange than one with many brands or a mix of both. Another thing to consider too is the function of the business if it is wholesale, store house, hospital or retail and communi…

Dangers Of Prescribing Second Line Therapy Without First Line

Treatment of disease rely on pharmacology and non-pharmacology approach. Pharmacology approach involve the use of drugs. On the other hand, non-pharmacology method involve life style modification. Truth be told, more than 90% of hospital visitation requires medications with some including both.
When drugs is necessary, the prescriber puts into consideration so many factors. The disease, the severity, the best available drugs, duration and dose which affect adherence, dosage form, the financial strength of the patient all come into play in making decisions amidst others.
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There is a standard prescribing guide that is not even among the list above. Many diseases respond to drugs differently. Some drugs are more effective in treating a particular condition than another of which the other may be better for another condition the former may not be very effective against. The indiscriminate use of certain medications lead to the development of resistant strains of cer…

Dietary Supplements Are Dangerous At High Doses

Vitamin and mineral are essential nutrients needed in the body to carry out some vital function. Lack of these nutrients can cause some health conditions. To avoid these conditions, it is necessary to get them at the right quantity.
Source of Vitamin And Minerals Vitamin and mineral are found in food especially fruits and vegetables. When we eat these, we get them at various proportion depending on the type of food, the state of the food and our health condition. When too much enters the body, the excess is excreted from the body as waste. However, when we get less, we get some disease condition. To recover on time, many persons turn to dietary supplements. The right amount of these nutrients needed by the body is known. However, the right amount needed from supplements vary and depends on the quantity already in the body and the supplements dosage strength. Unfortunately, many supplements come with a specific quantity that may be too high or too low.
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A Day In The Life Of A Hospital Pharmacist In Nigeria

Hospital pharmacy are hospital found within the premise of a hospital. They do not retail products unlike the community pharmacy. They stock products needed in the hospital. They stock different range of products with each product having one brand.
The duty and job of a pharmacist in hospital pharmacy is more of organizational work. They follow protocols, guidelines and are political. They interact with physicians and other health care professional in making drug based decisions about the safe and effective use of medicine.
They follow medical prescription in choosing, preparing, compounding and dispensing medications and provide pharmaceutical care to patients during counselling. With the aid of a medical card, a hospital pharmacy can make appropriate review of a patient to ensure the right patient gets the right medication, the right dose, route of administration, time, drug information and documentation.
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There are two mo…

Causes Of White, Brown Or Grey Coloured Armpit And Pubic Hair

The normal colour of armpit hair by most African is black. When some open their armpit, the normal colour is lost. The colour can change to yellow, brown or gray. Along with the colour change is the  presence of concretions in the shaft.
This condition affect every race and colour. There is no gender that is isolated and it affect any age with pubic or armpit hair; that is from puberty. It is more common in males than in females because they shave their armpit and public hair more often than males.
Causes Of Coloured Pubic And Armpit Hair The colour change depends on two main factors; bacteria or chemical.
Trichomycosis Axillaris The name of this condition is trichomycosis axillaris. The name is derived from the microorganism causing it. The word mycosis is use when the infection is caused by a fungus. However, the main cause is a bacteria called trichobacteriosis axillaris. The most common casuative species is trichobacteriosis tenuis. This bacteria is a normal flora in the body. Th…

The Reason Cutting And Washing Leafy Vegetables Is Bad

Vegetables are nutritious, healthy, tasty and edible. It is one of the major source of vitamin and mineral. They are very common in Nigerian cuisine. Most people buy their vegetables from the market. Very few get them from organic stores or home grown.
After buying your vegetables, it is important to decide if it is to be use immediately or stored. The way of preparation is different. Another thing to consider again is the type of vegetable. Leafy vegetables require a different approach than string ones.
Leafy Vegetables Most sellers gives the option to help slice up the leaf. This save you time and energy especially when you are very busy. They may wash it before doing this. Taking the slice up leaf home and cooking with it like that is a bad idea. The water the market woman use to wash the leaf may be use to have wash many others. The water obviously will no longer be clean. It is possible it is contaminated. Their knife is another source of contamination.
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How To Estimate The Weight Of Children Using Their Age

The dose of drugs for adults is usually universal. However, the dose of drugs for infants and children is based on age and or weight. It is always easy to estimate age from looks. In other news, the age of the baby can be gotten from the parents or guardian. However, the weight of a baby can only be gotten by measuring it using a measuring scale. Estimation using looks can lead to fatal error in dispensing.
When parents or guardians want to treat a child in the hospital, they normally go with the child. The medical doctor may have the time to take the weight at the office before prescription. There are times this may not be possible. A medical doctor may not have all the time in the world to take the weight of an acutely unwell child that require rapid resuscitation and stabilization.
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The problem is more pronounce in retail or community pharmacy settings. Most parents or guardians come to the pharmacist without bringing the child along and hop…