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Services Patent Medicine Vendors (Chemists) Should Not Render

Patent and proprietary medicine vendors (P.P.M.Vs) popularly known as chemists in Nigeria are the first shops majority of Nigeria's pay a visit to when they are not feeling too well. This is because majority I these shop owners have practice in the area for years and in one little way or the other built a reputation of treating any kind of illness thrown at them. This was possible because according to a research work publish in 2015, more than 200000 patent vendors are scattered across the length and breadth of the country. This is in sharp contrast with the less than 3000 community pharmacy outlet in Nigeria as at 2005. Majority of the community pharmacy are concentrated in the cities leaving the rural areas unattended to and creating an enabling environment for patents vendors to thrive.
Patent and proprietary medicine vendors are suppose to be regulated by pharmacists Council of Nigeria (P.C.N). The licence covers some services they can render to their host communities. But be…

Pharmacy Departmental Cutoff Marks For Various Institutions

Cutoff mark is the minimum point a student applying for admission in any institution must attain in the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB/UTME) screening exercise in order to be considered for admission into a particular institution. Score aggregates are accredited to students based on their performance in the exam. Those who scored higher would be admitted.
This article would briefly detail the various institutions offering Pharmacy as a course and their respective cutoff mark calculated for the present. The cutoff mark is subject to change.

SCHOOL   JAMB cutoff   DEPARTMENTAL                                                    CUTOFF

UNIPORT  180                       270

DELSU       180                       65

UNN           200                       304

NDU            150                      180

UNUZIK      180                      200

UNILAG       200                     70.93


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