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Guidelines On Ideal Storage Condition Of Drugs According To Label

Each drug have an expiration date. It is believe to remain stable, effective and active throughout its shelf life under certain conditions. These conditions include the amount of air, light, temperature, humidity, light and heat the product is expose to in the course of transport and storage. Each product have a definite approve condition that can be different from others.
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Drug manufacturers label their products to indicate which of these conditions must be met before a drug can remain stable until the day of expiration. They educate wholesalers on the best condition to transport and store these products. On the other hand, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and patients must do well to understand the meaning of each label.
Temperature Some drugs comes with different label indicating the idea storage condition. Some come with two temperature requirement. One temperature is before opening while the second one is after opening. Insulin …

Current List Of PCN Approved Pharmacy Internship Centers

After induction comes internship. Internship can only be done in an approved center by pharmacists council of Nigeria, PCN. Internship centers cut across industry, community or retail, hospital and regulatory bodies.
The number of graduate is almost over the available spots yearly. However, the list of approved centers keep increasing yearly. To make search for internship easy, it is important for pre-interns to keep abreast of new approve centers so as not to stay at home for too long.
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This list is very important because it has not yet been updated in PCN manual given to internship students on the day of induction which is 2015 and also found on their website. If you are currently searching for an internship space right now, I think this is very important for you.
Annex I
2010 TO 2018 S/NO
Year of Rec…

Open Drug Market And National Drug Distribution Guidelines

As Nigeria is struggling with regulating drug distribution and moving away from open drug market, most developed countries have a good drug distribution system. That shows the world have move past Nigeria. This is the reason you walk in the street to see a pepper seller with some drugs by the side selling to fellow traders and passer-by. These drugs are not just over the counter drugs but prescription only medicines and controlled drugs.
The government have tried severally to stop this chaotic drug distribution system in the country but have failed. The last date to end open drug market was December, 2018. However, this is the end of the first quarter of the year 2019 yet open drug market still thrive. The reasons are not far fetched. But before we talk about that, let us see what open drug market is before talking about the reason the government is not able to stop it.
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Open Drug Market In Nigeria Open drug market have been for a while no…

Tips When Buying A Community Or Retail Pharmacy Shop

The desire of many pharmacist in Nigeria is to own a community or retail pharmacy. There are two choices when a pharmacist wants to start one; buy an existing one or start from the scratch. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision rest on many factors that need to be considered. Buying can be favourable in certain situation so too starting from scratch.
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Buying A Retail Pharmacy Shop People who wants to sell their shop do it either because the business is no longer profitable to their taste or they are changing business or location or they are in urgent need of money. It is important to consider the reason the owner wants to sell. They may not open up on the main reason especially if it is the first reason. That is because a buyer will negotiate a low price or quit. They will want to say the later two are the main reason for selling it. That does not mean that a good manager cannot turn the table around for good if …

Benefits Of Non Drug Products To The Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacy are in for business. They develop and design marketing strategies and models every now and then to see if there will be improve sales. All marketing strategies and models aim to achieve too main goals; to get new customers and to retain them. One key method that works to achieve both aims is always overlooked by many community pharmacy.
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The main business of every community pharmacy is to sell drugs both prescription only medicines (P.O.M) and over the counter (O.T.C) drugs.  There is no law that forbid community pharmacy from selling non drug products. But it will be unwise to sell non drug related products. To improve sales, you cannot just sell anything. There should some criteria for choosing non drug products which can improve sales.
Criteria For Choosing Non Drug Products Each location have needs. It is business to solve those needs. Since one business cannot solve all the needs of a location, it is now le…