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Difference Between Haematinic And Multivitamins And Minerals (ASTYMIN and ASTYFER)

Blood is life. Without this liquid, there will be no life. Blood is made up of various components. Each of these components perform different functions and purposes. The main function of blood is oxygen circulation around the body. Red blood cell is responsible for oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. It takes about 30 seconds to die from oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Medically, one can be diagnose to be short of blood. In this case, the person is considered anaemic. Anaemia is a situation whereby less oxygen is supplied to different parts of the body. It happen when the haemoglobin in 100 ml of blood is less than 90 grammes. haemoglobin is a protein attach to red blood cell that carry oxygen with it. Reduce amount of blood can also lead to anaemia even if the haemoglobin level is normal because there won't be enough blood to carry oxygen around. Myoglobin is another very important component of the red blood cell that help muscle cells store oxygen.

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Standard Calculation Of Children Dose Can Be Wrong

Medical prescription of drugs in adults is one very simple task. An adult is believe to be persons above 14 years of age. In other definition, a person that weighs above 35kg. This two standards have been use to extrapolate children dose. Unfortunately, these two parameters gives us different doses. For example, a 14 years old slim girl weighing less than 35kg may be given a small dose if we use weight to extrapolate. On the other hand, same person will get a higher dose if we use age to.
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Drug manufacturers normally use adults to prepare drugs. It is from there they calculate for children. The reason is that the conditions necessary to carry out research on dose requirements in children is very high. To save cost, time and energy, they use different methods to calculate children dose. There are other parameters use in calculating dose from standard adult dose. Another example is body surface area (B.S.A). All these three …

Sleep Paralysis, Scientific Explanation To Witch Pressing

Sleep paralysis is the name of a sleep disorders. It is characterized by an inability to move or speak during sleep when the person is aware of the situation. To worsen it, the person may hallucinate. It becomes scary if the hallucination is about a terrible situation. On very few occasions, the hallucination can be some pleasant experience.
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This condition have been described by old books from different continents to mean an attack by spirits. In some cultures like in Nigeria even until now, it is believe to be carried out by witches and wizards at night. This has resulted in accusations and even physical attacks on suspects.
Sleep paralysis was first documented by a doctor in the 17th century. He describe how his patient felt during the attack. According to the report, she said the devil lay upon her and held her down that she could hardly speak or breadth. All attempts to throw off the burden was fu…

How To Use Emdex Drug Reference Book

Emdex (Essential Medicine Index) is a drug and therapeutic reference book designed in Nigeria for Nigeria health sector. Since it's first release in 1991 as Nigeria Essential Drugs (NED) guide, it has regularly been updated yearly. The information it provide is supported by several reference and clinical guide such as World Health Organisation (WHO). The book have been endorsed by the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria, PCN. This book is very good for both pharmacist and the other health care teams. Fortunately, there is an electronic format available for download from Google play store, the company website, apple store or Jumia and Konga at a particular price.
Buy now from Konga: Emdex
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How To Use Emdex The book is big with plenty of valuable information. A stranger may find it hard to locate information in it. A good navigation is essential to get the best out of this book. It is always handy.
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The book contains sev…

The Job Description Of An Intern Pharmacist

Congratulations to you if you have gotten an internship center. Pharmacy interns are full time staffs of their company. They are expected to be treated like regular staffs with similar package. They work for twelve months excluding a month compulsory leave. The salary is based on the minimum wage use by the company. Working hours is about 8 hours a day with alternate weekends.
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Since a pharmacy intern is a provisional registered pharmacist with a bachelor of pharmacy or doctor of pharmacy degree, his job description is more or less like that of a pharmacist. Interns perform a combination of duties under the supervision of a preceptor. Some of the duties may not be what pharmacist do but help to build the intern pharmacist up for bigger task ahead.
Each establishment have job description for their interns. However, majority of them perform similar task with different process.
Community Pharmacy This is the sector that provides many opportunities fo…

The most Simple Courses In Pharmacy

Pharmacy school is difficult. This is mostly due to the lecture schedule and bulky materials couple with less time for preparation. The examinations are hard. It require hours of dedication and self service to blaze through successfully. However, few courses on a lighter note are not as difficult as the others. This can be a difficult course for others in other departments.
A course may be hard or difficult for one and easy for the other. This post try to bring together those course majority of students feel was simple. This list is excluding borrowed courses like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc and school courses like general studies. This I consider easy on their own.
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Majority of the simple courses I will highlight here were to us not simple back then. This is because each level throw at us a different package. We only realise how easy some course were only when we have gone to other level. Majority of the simple courses fall …

Celebrating The Essential Role Of The Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician are valuable personnel in the health care team. They assist the pharmacist on his day to day activity. They know their value and worth. That is why they have set aside a day to celebrate their contributions. This is a very good opportunity to show the whole world what they have done and will still do. It is the pharmacy technician day.
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Pharmacy technician day started some years ago in united state of America. It was officially registered as a national Day of celebration in 2015 by Lindsey Ahrens by pharmacy technician educators association, American association of pharmacy technicians inc. (AAPT) and pharmacy technician certification board. Ever since then, it has taken many different dimensions. And it is gradually becoming an international celebration. If we recall, world pharmacist day began also in united states of America. Hope this spread fast to other parts of the world.
The pharmacy technician day is on October of…

Drugs That Can Be Broken Into Two Half Or Not

There are situations that put one in the position of breaking a tablet into two equal half. For example, a father that comes back from work and find one of his children with high temperature. In order to bring it down, he dash out to the first aid box. Discovering the only paracetamol in the house is 500mg tablet which is too high for the child will resolve to cutting the pill into two equal half if that is the right strength. But because of the urgency of the situation, the father may not have the time to confirm if what he did was proper or not. Let us see when and on what ground drugs in tablet or caplet can be cut into two.
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Drug Formulation Different drugs come in different formulation and strength. Some even come in multiple formulation like paracetamol tablet and injection. However this is not the case of drugs like insulin that have only injection.
In all the formulation, only tablet and caplet get cut in two. Capsules can be ope…

Subsidized, Cheaper And Effective Antimalarial Drugs In Nigeria

Malaria is a deadly endemic in Africa. The disease causing pathogen is transmitted by the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito. The disease cause signs and symptoms that occur twice in a day when they burst out of red blood cells. Fortunately, there have been different curative drugs for it. The first was chloroquine which is now restricted due to development of resistance to it. It was cheap, effective and safe. Presently, there are newer, alternatives to chloroquine. Unfortunately, these ones are more expensive.
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Artemisinin based combination therapy (ACT) was introduced in 2000. They were adopted by World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2001. They are safe and effective with no resistance. This push WHO to change their treatment guideline to ACT as first line treatment of malaria. However, not every person's could afford the high cost of this drug. In other to provide this drug at all level at a price affordable for al…