Difference Between Haematinic And Multivitamins And Minerals (ASTYMIN and ASTYFER)

The difference between astymin and astyfer syrup
Astymin syrup
Blood is life. Without this liquid, there will be no life. Blood is made up of various components. Each of these components perform different functions and purposes. The main function of blood is oxygen circulation around the body. Red blood cell is responsible for oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. It takes about 30 seconds to die from oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Medically, one can be diagnose to be short of blood. In this case, the person is considered anaemic. Anaemia is a situation whereby less oxygen is supplied to different parts of the body. It happen when the haemoglobin in 100 ml of blood is less than 90 grammes. haemoglobin is a protein attach to red blood cell that carry oxygen with it. Reduce amount of blood can also lead to anaemia even if the haemoglobin level is normal because there won't be enough blood to carry oxygen around. Myoglobin is another very important component of the red blood cell that help muscle cells store oxygen.

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The building blocks of haemoglobin and myoglobin are some multivitamins and minerals. They include iron, folic acid, histidine, etc. The major cause of anaemia in Africa is malaria infection. Others include poor nutrition, certain diseases, bone marrow failure, accident, multivitamins and minerals deficiency, etc.

The signs and symptoms of anaemia include but not limited to weakness of the body, light headedness, dizziness, headache, blurring of the eye retina, hearing of noise in the ear, fainting, etc.

Treatment of anaemia require either blood transfusion if it is a serious case or the use of supplements. There are several supplements. Not all are good for anaemic patient. The specific supplements needed are those that contain red blood cell or haemoglobin and myoglobin building block components. They are part of the haematinic  family. haematinic are minerals and vitamins supplements of different strengths suitable for anaemia.

Selecting an appropriate haematinic depends on the cause of the anaemia. Majority of anaemia is cause by iron deficiency. That is why majority of these supplements are made with iron compound and others. However, some anaemia can be cause by deficiency of the other components needed to build red blood cells. The best way to know is through diagnostic laboratory test and results which deficiency is the major cause of an anaemia patient.

Knowing the cause of anaemia is very important. This is because giving the wrong supplements can lead to excess of that supplement in the body which the body may not need. Some of these compounds in excess can be toxic.


There are two types of vitamins. They are the fat and water soluble vitamins. The water soluble vitamins are not stored in the body after consumption. Which means they are easily remove from the body. On the other hand, fat soluble vitamins are stored in the body and can be retrieved when needed.

Consuming supplements with water soluble vitamins may not be much of a concern as the body can easily remove them from the body in no distant time even if it occur in toxic dose. This cannot be said of the fat soluble vitamins. If the anaemia is not cause by any one or more of these fat soluble vitamins, taking supplements that contain them can lead to overdose and toxicity.


The major mineral found in haematinic is iron. It is more important that the other vitamins and minerals put together. In fact, it is believe a haematinic have nothing to do with blood building if it does not contain iron in absorbable forms. It is the main cause of anaemia around the world Nigeria inclusive. However, excess iron in the body is very toxic. That is why it is important prescriber are very sure the real cause of anaemia is iron deficiency.


Generally haematinic can be classified as bood builder. They contains essential multivitamins and minerals necessary for building part or the parts of the red blood cells. They are sometimes mistakingly use to describe mutivimultivi and minerals supplements.

Multivitamins And Minerals

Multivitamins and minerals help the body enzymes to function because all the chemical reactions in the body are enzymes-dependent and require co-enzyme to function. Good amount of these supplements have a lot of advantages.

There are so many products out there that combine different multivitamins and minerals with different strengths. Since one multivitamins and minerals may have several health benefits, the health indication of these products can be endless considering the fact that the product may contain up to 10 different multivitamins and minerals or even more. A very good example that fall in this category is ASTYMIN capsule or syrup.

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A careful look at it shows that it contains just basic minerals and multivitamins. Those ones believe to contribute to blood building are not there. Some of the constituent are ascorbic acid, calcium, folic acid, tocopherol, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin A, etc.

Blood Builder

As stated earlier, there are some special multivitamins and minerals that help to build the blood and helphin red blood cell development of an anaemia patient. Check out the components of ASTYFER capsule and syrup. The capsule and syrup contain similar component with similar strength except for one or two which may be insignificant considering other factors.

Glycine: essential for the formation of haem which carries the iron and oxygen in the red blo9d cell

Histidine: helps to manufacture red and white blood cells.

Lysine: essential for the formation of protein like globin protein found in haemoglobin.

Vitamin B complex: assist in formation of healthy blood cell development.

Iron as ferrous form: which is easily absorbable.

Folic acid: essential for the formation of blood cells by its action on the bone marrow, where blood production takes place

From the above, one can see that some haematinic are more specific in function than others. ASTYFER is more a blood builder than ASTYMIN which is a general multivitamins and minerals for a wide varieties of conditions such as loss of appetite stimulant, immune booster, liver protection from acetaminophen damage, etc.
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  3. Pls can piccan be taken together with Astimin blood tonic?

  4. I bought astyfer tonic yesterday and I noticed the cap for taking it is different from d last one I bought..the previous one was pink while this is white. Pls can I take it?

    1. Check the old bottle and see if there is any other difference with the new one. I notice they have change the cup to somewhat white. Also check for the date it will expire. Check for the producer and marketer. I guess it is original. But that I can't say because I am not with the product

  5. Can i use cyprigold syrup together with astymin and astyfer??

    1. Depends entirely on what js ypur aim. Cyprigold is an antihistamine of which its side effect is apetite stimulant. Astymin and astyfer does a different work entirely. I don't know is your intentions is to take all three or either of the two which is not a bad idea

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  7. Can I use Astymin astyfer and well-kid together. The doctor said its okay, but still want to confirm please.

    1. Some ingredients are in all three products. And there is a maximum daily dose for each of the ingredients. Taking all three at the appropriate dose for each may eventually lead to over dosage of those ingredients. As we all know, over dose can lead to effects not good. However, dose adjustment can result in proper result. Educe the dose of each and get what you want


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