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Actions Rape Victims Should Take To Protect Themselves And Get Justice

Rape is a type of sexual assault against a minor. It can be against someone of same or opposite gender, by one or more persons. There are laws meant to protect us from predators. Unfortunately, the implementation of the law is not strong. This may be the reason why the number of new cases is on the increase yearly.
There are more rape acts against girls (women) from boys (men) and girls (women) than against boys (men) from boys (men) and girls (women). For that, we will focus on the steps female rape victims can take to protect themselves after the attack and how to gather evidence against the culprit. However, the tips here can also be of help to other rape victims.
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Steps To Follow After A Rape Incidence Be Safe After a rape act, the actor may try to kill the victim to hide their identity. This is because major rape cases happen between people who knows each other. The first attempt by the victim is to get to a safe place. This…

How To Prevent Expired Drugs On The Shelves By Pharmacist

One of the major challenges facing community and hospital pharmacy practice worldwide is how to prevent drugs from getting pass expiring date before sales or dispensing. It is very difficult to prevent this. It is highly recommended that all staffs work hand in hand in confronting this head long. This is because expired drugs in shelves cannot be sold according to the laws of the land and prove as economic waste to the owner. It is possible to reduce the loss through expired drugs to the nearest minimum. Here are some ways it can be curb.
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How To Avoid Expired Drugs In Shelves As A Beginner Let us assume you are a new start-up in a community pharmacy. It is important you buy only drugs that are needed in the area. As a start-up, it will be difficult to know the drugs in demand. This is especially more pronounced when the pharmacist in charge have not work in a community pharmacy within that area. It is advisable to work for s…

Male Birth Control Contraceptive Drugs And Devices Underway

In Nigeria, the issue of male birth control or male contraception is only limited to condom, abstinence, withdrawal method and vasectomy. Because of the many disadvantage of these methods, female birth control became more common and popular. Another reason female birth control is more common is because first contraceptive were for women. But scientist all over the world are looking for a way to manufacture a universal acceptable male birth control method with less or no side effect, easy to use and affordable. It must also be reversible if it is going to be different from the one we already have.
They have come up with many. But the side effects or low efficacy led to the project getting abandoned. Others are at different stages of clinical trials. However, it is believe that in the next 10 years men will have a contraceptive that meets major requirements.
Why The Delay Interest in male contraception came only some few years ago, it was generally considered a breakthrough drug for wo…

How To Identify Fake Drugs By Pharmacist And Public (MAS)

There are so many definition of fake drugs. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), counterfeit medicine is 'one which is deliberately and fradulently mislabelled with respect to identity and or source.' The bottom line is any medicine or drug product which is different from what it is said to be is fake. In other words, any product that the manufacturer alters it's products information is fake. This is a deliberate and fraudulent way of pushing a substandard product to the public using its label to deceive. In some few cases, it can be by mistake as I have seen in a case involving my 'pikin.'
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Most fake drugs out there today either contain the stated drug in lower strength or a non inert substance. They may obtain fraudulent registration by producing good products during inspection and changing to the fake later on. They can still be producing them without registration. The most common among all the trick is using another …

Google plus shutting down

We are sorry to inform our esteemed readers that Google plus is shutting down soon. Because of this development we regret to announce the removal of Google plus share button and page from our site. All other links will remain valid. You can use the other social media links. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Thanks for your understanding.
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Effect Of Blood Tonic (Haematinics) And Other Supplements In Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a chronic disease. It is a disease characterized by excess sugar in the blood. This leads to complications that can lead to death if not properly manage. There is no known cause. Many theories have emerged on the possible cause or predisposing factors. It affects many persons. Many persons are diagnosed each year. Until the 1920, diabetes patients die gradually after some years. However, with the development of insulin and other drugs, patients on drugs, healthy lifestyle and strict diet can live long and a normal life. Strict diet include dietary supplements. This is a complex questions diabetes patients always ask. They are interested to know which dietary supplements is good for them. Even some drugs are not suitable for them except on patients under close medical supervision.
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Diets For Diabetes Diabetes is a situation where the body regulation of blood glucose level is poor. This can happen when the level of insulin…

All about The Job Of A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representative are the key link between pharmaceutical industry and and professional health care workers. They may be under the marketing unit of supply chains management. They are one of the people that promote the companies product which leads to sales. To do this, they increase product awareness, point out the benefit of their product over existing brands and answer questions relating to the product or disease condition it can treat.
Job Description Different companies design different format that will suit them. Big pharma companies have hierarchy. Managers to sub manager to pharma representative. Manager control maybe the whole country. The country maybe divided into units for sub managers to oversee. Pharma reps are further given a location to represent. No pharma rep must leave their domain except they are given such permission.
The manager organizes seminars or do presentation at large gatherings with many healthcare professionals like during pharmaceutic…

Pharmaceutical Companies Job Position For Pharmacist

There is an increase in the number of pharmaceutical industries in Nigeria for some time now. This has lead to increase in employment in this sector. Companies employ persons from different field to man different departments. The department in each company is determined by the nature of their job. A pharmaceutical production company may have some different departments from a company that distribute imported products.
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However, the following are the basic department pharmacist's can find themselves in.
Department In Pharmacy IndustryResearch And Development (R.D.A): This department may not be present in every industry especially here in Nigeria. It involve in innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes. To achieve the above aim and objective, professional from different fields come together. The head is usually a pharmacist with a PhD. New entry pharmacy will normally be given minor jobs like drug screening and characterizat…

Pharmacy Job Position And Title

The job market is filled with some jargons that can confuse new pharmacist especially on job position. Pharmacist get employed to fill a vacanncy to cover for a position. Each of them have their own job description, time and title. This post will cover all the job position available for pharmacist, their duties and responsibilities including work duration.
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Job Position Intern Or Pupil Pharmacist This is the first stage in the life of a pharmacist in the job market. Intern Pharmacist are full time employee of their respective company. They work under the supervision a superintendent pharmacist known as preceptor for a period of one year. They work same hours full time pharmacist work and also enjoy benefits entitled to full time pharmacist. Their salary is obviously lower than that of the full time Pharmacist.
Superintendent Pharmacist A superintendent pharmacist is a pharmacist who registered and is managing the place. Some did not actually re…

Major And Important Breakthrough And Discovery In Pharmacy

There are many breakthrough in pharmacy. Most of them occured in the 19th and 20th century. This is similar with what happened in other fields. Electricity and Internet is considered one of the most notable breakthrough in science.
What Makes A Breakthrough According to Stone, 'two things make a drug important: first is that the drug is or was use to treat a large number of people with a range of problems and second because a drug have led the way showing it is possible to treat a disease.'
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Going by this definition there are lots of drugs that fall into one or both categories. However, I decided to streamline the list to the following.
Penicillin Penicillin is the first antibiotic known to man but not the first antibacterial. No other drug have change the way medicine is view today than penicillin. Discovered by Alexandra Fleming in 1928 as a chance discovery, it took another more than 10 years before it be…