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Pharmacy students want to succeed in school. They are finding it hard to find their footing. They observe this is not the case with friends from other departments. They begin to wonder what is the way forward. At the end, not all that got admission got through. Many that got through had a hard time.
The problems many pharmacy students face in school is not new. It has been there before us and it is still there. There is no sign it is stopping anytime soon. Majority of these problems can be avoided or better still handled successfully without much stress. Advise from pharmacist have proven timely in many scenarios. This is because they have been there before. Unfortunately, many of these pharmacist do not have all the time in the world to put down these problems and their solutions in writing. This makes it difficult for pharmacy students already in school.
It is not only pharmacy students who seek advice but don't get it. Not at all. Many aspirants are also out there seeking to k…
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Reason You Will Not See Beecham Brand Again But Now gsk

In Nigeria, Beecham products are well trusted. This is the reason some people come to the pharmacy for Beecham brand. Anything short of that is not accepted. But something strange happens sometimes. Some customers insist on buying a Beecham product with the inscription 'beecham' on it. When they see the word is missing, they doubt the authenticity of the product. Why is this so?
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The name 'beecham'use to appear in these products some years ago. The name appeared in all their products. However, there is a change within the company that has affected the choice of name given to their products.
What Change In Beecham Beecham group PLC is a British pharmaceutical company that produces a wide range of products. In other to differentiate their brands from others, they always include the name 'beecham' along with the brand name of the product. For example, amoxil is the brand name of amoxicillin. They go an extra length in adding Bee…

All About Opening Multiple Community Or Retail Pharmacy Business

Retail or community pharmacy business is not for every pharmacist out there. Among those who have succeeded in running one for some time, come those who wish to have more than branch which is not also for every pharmacist with a retail or community pharmacy outlet. Succeeding in running one is no guarantee of success running multiple outlet. It comes with new kind of challenges that can be overcome if you put all your mind to it.
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Running multiple retail or community pharmacy business comes with many advantage. That does not remove it's disadvantage. The advantage far outweigh the disadvantage.
Advantage Of Multiple Retail Or Community Pharmacy Business 1. Multiple source of income: this is the number one reason of investing in multiple retail or community pharmacy business. You no longer rely on one source of income. When one is dwindling, the other will be there to pull it up.
2. Reduce risk with short dated drugs:…

List Of Laboratory And Diagnostic Test And Their Function

Laboratory test and diagnostic procedures are required to ascertain the health condition of a person. There are several types with different procedures to determine the health condition of the individual. To give a precise medical diagnosis and initiate a treatment plan, prescriber request for these from the laboratory.
Community pharmacy is faced with reading and interpretation of different laboratory test. There are times they request a test from their patient. It is good we all get conversant with most of the available test and diagnosis around.
This list is long but focus more on the available test in Nigeria. It is not in any order. The list will be updated as time goes on.
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Clinical Chemistry 1. Liver function: this test is a blood test that is use to diagnose and monitor liver disease. The test measures the level of some protein and enzyme in the blood that are regulated by the liver. An increase or decreas…

Medication Reminder Tips For People Who Forget

Taking drugs according to prescription is known as medication adherence. This is one aspect that is very important to achieve the desired therapeutic goal of every medical intervention. There are many reasons people do to keep to their prescription. However, the most important one is forgetting to take the drugs when it is time or thinking it has been taken.
Before a medical doctor prescribed medication, they put into consideration the patient lifestyle and severity of the condition being treated. Single daily dosing is prescribe for some why drowsy drugs are reserve for patients who are not active physically at their place of work. This is done to increase patient medication adherence. However, there are certain condition that cause some patient to forget to take their medication.
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Why Some Don't Adhere To Dosing 1. Side effects: this is a common reason why some people skip doses. A new health challenge during medication can move s…

Tips On Giving Children Liquid And Solid Medication

Children don't know the importance of medication. They don't like taking medication. Children that take their medication easily are doing so because they either like the taste or other attributes of the prescribed drug. Majority don't like it. To get a child to take oral medication require some skills on behalf of the person giving it.
Each dosage form requires different techniques and at what age. It also depends on the means of administration. Liquid dosage form can be administered by drug spoon, syringe, drug measuring cup or dropper. The following guide should be of help.
Liquid Medication Infants are usually prescribed liquid medication. Dispersible medication that dissolve in a solvent such as water can also be referred to as liquid medication here. There are different ways to administer it for children. The choice of the tool to use usually consider the dose and the age of the child. Droppers are the best for very young children and when the liquid is a solution an…

How Adults Can Swallow Drug Pills If They Are Scared

There are different dosage form available for adult. The most common one is drug pills. It is cheap to produce, easy to self administer, with many other benefits. This cannot be said of the other dosage forms like injection. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of adults that find it difficult to swallow pills. According to one statistics, about 40 % of adults cannot swallow drug pills. This is pushing them to opt-in for the more painful injection.
Injection is never better than drug pills. There are so many disadvantages of injection over pills. Injection is only used in unconscious patient or when swallowing pills is difficult such as during emesis. Choosing injection because one cannot swallow drug pills should not be encouraged.
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Why some Adults Are Scared Of Drug Pill 1. Dosage form: drug pills come in various dosage form. Some people are more comfortable with some dosage form than others. Capsule is easy to some bu…

Causes, Effect And Solutions Of Polypharmacy In Nigeria

There are times patients are prescribe more than one drug. This can happen when a condition require multiple treatment option or when the patient is suffering from more than one disease condition. Each of the prescribed drug have a particular function in the disease condition. Some people call this situation polypharmacy. However, others define polypharmacy as a situation whereby a patient takes more than five different drugs at a time to treat one or more condition.
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There are advantages as well as disadvantages of polypharmacy. At old age, patient come down with many health condition that may require many drugs to treat it. Each of those drugs have different purposes. A careful selection will ensure they are all compactible with each other and suitable for their course.
When a patient is prescribed more than one drug, there is a high probability the patient may not comply and adhere to the dosing. There is also the problem with drug therapy …

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