The Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy And STC30 By Superlife

STC30 is a dietary supplement very common in Nigeria. It came to replace the almighty cellgevity as the wonder drug that cures all. This is after many wonder drugs that came before it have died. But what makes STC30 different? Will it survive the time or will it fade away just like the others? What is the projection for it in the world? Here is what we know now. Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) Stem cells are found in our body. They are cells from which other cells with special functions are generated. They are nicknamed body raw material. They divide to form normal cells called daughter cells. These new cells either become stem cells or special cells. No other type of cell in the body has such ability. Interest in stem cells is growing. This is because of its ability to generate new cells to replace dead cells. Such regenerative ability will benefit those suffering from chronic non communicable disease like diabetes, burns, cancer, etc. Stem cell therapy is a new medical treatment. They make u


Meaning Of QS In Lokmal, Forte In Coartem And DS In Lonart

Many people come to the pharmacy to buy antimalarial drugs. However, some have realised that the artemether and lumefantrine combination for adults do come in two different variants. One with 20mg/120mg artemether/lumefantrine combination with 24 tablets and another with 80mg/480mg artemether/lumefantrine combination with six tablets. These two variants of the same brand have different prices with the six tablet variants costing more. And some have noticed that that six tablet variant always comes with an acronym different from the name of the other product. What are these acronyms? What does it say about the drug? Or is it just another marketing ploy by the manufactures of the product? These and many more this post will cover. Read Also :  Meaning of medical abbreviation Acronyms in drug packs are not for designs or marketing strategies. They carry deep meaning that can influence your choices. They use these to buttress a point. Knowing what they mean may be fun and also help in expla

Not All Women Bleed After Having Penetrative Sex For The First Time

Bleeding from the vagina after penetrative sex for the first time is not test for virginity. If blood comes out, it does not mean that the girl was a virgin. If it does not come out, it does it mean the girl have had penetrative sex before. There are so many reasons a girl who have never had penetrative sex don't bleed after having it. Also, there are reasons a girl that have had penetrative sex before bleed after having another. To start with, let us look at the female reproductive system anatomy. Anatomy Of Vagina The vagina is covered with a lining called the hymen. There is no function of this hymen. The shape and size varies from one girl to the other. It is flexible but does not cover the entire entrance. It allows the period to flow pass. Very few female have hymen that completely covers the vagina. Such a condition requires surgery to correct it. Some girls are not born with this hymen too. Read Also:   Why virgins fear tampons Why Some Girls Bleed During First Penetrative

Pharmacotherapy/Treatment Of Angina Pectoris

Angina pectoris is a disease of the heart. It is caused by reduced blood flow to the heart. It is a symptom of coronary artery disease (CAD). It is as a result of myocardial ischemia caused by an imbalance between myocardial blood supply and oxygen demand. Blood flow to tissues and organs supplying vital ingredients such as oxygen. When the heart gets less of it, it begins to die. It leads to pain in the chest. It is more common than we think. It affects about 8.5 non black men and 10.6 non black women in 1000 population. It is estimated to affect 11.8 black men and 20.8 black women in the same 1000 population. Both under the age of 45-55 years. Read Also:   Pharmacotherapy and treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure Under the age of 55-65 years, 11.9 non black men and 11.2 non black women are affected in 1000 of the population. The number is 10.6 for black men and 19.3 for black women in 1000 of the population. Looking at the last age range on the statistics of 65-75 years ha

Keeping With Stock Demand During The Festive Season

One of the basic tips to succeed in a community pharmacy is having all the products patients want. Keeping to that is not easy. The problem is compounded during rush seasons such as pandemic or festive season. Stock during festive season During festive seasons, many wholesale outlet close and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies take a break from production. They resume the new year. In some cases, the second week of the new year. Community pharmacies have two things to consider when stocking during the festive season; no where to buy products and rush for drugs. Read Also:  How to keep stock demand all year round Because of the rush, you need to stock above normal stock value. Now, because it will be difficult to get a new product, you need stock what will last throughout the festive season. To be able to get an accurate figure what you need, take stock of your shop before most companies close for the year. Since most close before 18 of December each year, the stock should be done b

When To Take Antisecretory Drugs And Antacids In Relation To Food

When taking ulcer drugs such as antisecretory drugs and antacids, they are to be taken before or after food. But when the direction is not adhered to, it may most likely not work. It is very important to follow the dosing guidelines along with lifestyle modification. This post will focus on the dosing direction. Antisecretory Drugs And Antacids Antisecretory agents and antacids are the main drugs used in management of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and related conditions like ulcer. Antisecretory drugs include proton pump inhibitors (PPI) and H2 inhibitors. Examples of PPI are omeprazole and lansoprazole while examples of H2 inhibitors are cimetidine and ranitidine. Also, salts of magnesium, calcium, carbonate, etc are examples of antacids. Read Also :  Management of stomach ulcer But many people don't get therapeutic results after using them. This is because many people don't use it how it is supposed to be used. GERD And Ulcer Before we go on, let us take a brief look

The Type Of Haemoglobin In De Deon's Syrup

De deon's heamoglobin De deon's is a haematinic syrup. It contains hemoglobin, liver extract and cyanocobalamin. According to, it is used for strength, physical endurance, anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, liver disease, detoxification of the body, chronic fatigue syndrome, liver function, liver damage, muscle development, Addisonian anemia and other conditions. Something caught my attention. It is the constituent. De deon's claim to contain haemoglobin. The hemoglobin (Hb or Hgb) I know is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cell (RBC) of most vertebrates and some invertebrates. It releases oxygen from the lungs or gills to the rest of the body through metabolism. Read Also :  Excess consumption of multivamin is dangerous A healthy person has about 12-20g of Hb in 100ml of blood. When the level falls below that, lifestyle and drugs can be used to increase Hb level. When this fails, blood transfusion is carried out for those who

Cleaning Anus after Defecation With Water Better Than Tissue Paper

After defecation, it is a tradition to clean up. It requires cleaning the anus and inner buttocks of any remaining fecal matter. The choice of cleaning material depends on the individual. There are two types. They are water and tissue paper. A check around the world shows that the choice of a cleaning method varies from location to location. A particular choice is adopted by the majority of people in an area. The reason is that most people follow the crowd. Others follow religious advice. Read Also :  Danger of drinking too much water In the west and many parts of Europe, tissue paper is widely adopted. In many Muslim community and Asia, water is the main cleaning method. In a related post, it was advised that both should be used after each other. Water Health experts advise people to adopt water as a method of cleaning the anus and inner buttocks. They explain that water gives a near perfect clean that does not leave fecal matters that eventually stain underwear. This prevents odour w