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This blog can only be accessed with the help of an internet connection to a computer from anywhere in the world. Before we discuss the topic properly, let us see one or two things about the internet.
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University Of Ibadan, UI Pharmacy Programme

The University of Ibadan is the first university in Nigeria. It was established in 1948. College of the University of London is the previous name before 1962. The academic programmes that started the school include arts, science, and medicine. It is presently running with 13 faculties including pharmacy that came on board in 1980/81. The pioneer Vice-Chancellor (V.C) and dean are Prof. Olayide and Prof. D. T. Okpako respectively. It was part of basic medical sciences and college of medicine. Prof. Okpako was also the Head of Department (H.O.D) of pharmacology and therapeutics. The department was further split into two in 1981/82 and 4 in 1982/83. Accreditation came in 1983 after the visitation from pharmacists’ board of Nigeria (P.B.N) (presently pharmacists’ council of Nigeria, P.C.N) in 1981 and 1983. It became a faculty that same year during the tenure of prof. A. A. Olaniyi as the dean.
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The Mode Of Entry
Unitary Terti…

Idea Water Temperature For Drink And Bath

‘Water no get enemy!’ We all use water every day, for one thing, all the other. It is a necessity of life. The major thing we do with water is drinking and bathing and it affects our health in several ways. That is why this post is very timely especially considering the fact that the weather coming is a peculiar one. That is the harmattan season, which comes with the dry wind with hot sun.

Pharmacy Programme In Madonna University, Nigeria

This is the first post on pharmacy school I have not formally been two-semester. The information in this post will use online research.
Madonna University is a private Catholic university in Nigeria. It is one of the youngest in Nigeria with the faculty of pharmacy. It is founded on May 10, 1999, in Okija, Anambra State. The founding father is Father Edeh. He is also the founder of our saviour institute of science and technology the previous year in Enugu.

Natural Ways To Gain Weight For Slim Persons

Go to major health blogs in Nigeria, visit herbal traditional healers and health seminars and you will notice that one of the topics freely discuss is the issue of obesity. This is a very rampant situation. Health experts always talk about the problem it generates and solution to the problem. However, there is a silent trouble hardly discussed in Nigeria. That is the opposite of obesity, which does not even have a name, slimness. This is because it is not believed to be a health problem.

Pharmacy Internship Centers That Pay More Salary With Less Charges

Getting a placement for pharmacy internship is a traumatizing experience. Fresh graduates spend time and resources including the risk of getting a placement when they travel to centers. Not the regulatory body, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (P.C.N), nor the government have plans in motion for these newcomers in the profession. This is why they, pupil pharmacist, are left to their fate to hustle for a placement. Since the working condition and salary of the different centres varies, pupil pharmacists throng to centres with a better working condition and pay.

First Aid treatment For Gunshot Wound

Nigerians on a general note do not learn about how to prevent some problems. Bringing topics that seem to be on prevention of some problems present an avenue for them to label you as one with little faith. They believe that if you talk about some topics, the problem will hit you hard. Instead, you will hear God forbid.

Benefits Of Pharmacy Internship Programme To The Employer

Each year, more pharmacy students are inducted into the pharmacy profession. These new pharmacists must complete a one-year mandatory internship training in an accredited centre by the pharmacists' council of Nigeria (P.C.N). The number of accredited centres is enough to house the about 2000 new pharmacist yearly. However, the factors put into consideration by pupil pharmacists make some centres to have limited number of pupil pharmacist while other centres have a significant pool of applicants. Some of the factors include security, what to learn, salary structure etc.
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Each year, the PCN accredit new training centres. However, the PCN have notice that many pharmaceutical establishments are adamant to accept pupil pharmacist. They do not know that the few organisations that do accept interns have some advantages. For that, this post will outline some of the numerous advantages.
Benefits To The Organisation Free …

Period Some Accredited Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria Internship Centers Release Form

One of the requirements to become a registered pharmacist in Nigeria is to undergo a statutory continuous internship training for not less than one year under a registered pharmacist approved by the council for the purpose of internship or in an institution approved for that purpose by the council and has obtained a certificate of experience.
A point to note is that note every big pharmaceutical establishment has been approved. However, the list available in pharmacist council of Nigeria internship training programme book is not exhaustive. That means that over the years from the time of publication, other centres have been approved which have not been added. The last time the book was updated was in the year 2014.
The list on this blog is gotten from PCNs’ website and was last updated 2015. Within that period until now, there must have been others. For example, the list omitted the latest company approved by the council in Delta state.
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Benefits Of Coconut Water For Children

If you are born and brought in Nigeria, chances are that you were deprived of coconut water as a child. Not to worry, I was too. At a time, one begins to wonder the root of some of these myths. It is believed in Nigeria that the academic knowledge or intelligence of a child who drinks coconut water will begin to fail. For this, no child going to school must drink this water. Only graduates can drink of it. It becomes a taboo if the child even takes a sip during an examination.

Pharmacist Salary Guide In Nigeria

The two major things students consider in any career is the job prospect and salary. Passion is not actually part of career consideration. The job prospect is quite high. However, this post is about to cover the other aspect which is the salary structure for the pharmacist at different levels. The reason is that pharmacist are never unemployed. They can only be underpaid.


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