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Pharmacy Programme in University Of Uyo Detailed Description

Uyo in Akwa-ibom state, Nigeria is the host to the university of Uyo (Uniuyo). Formerly known as Unicross as it was once the university of Cross river state as a state university established in 1981. In October 1 1991, it was changed to a federal university and the named changed took effect. It inherited its students, staffs, academic programmes and the entire facilities of the erstwhile university of Cross river state. Academic activities commenced during the 1991/92 academic session. Uniuyo has about 12 faculties, the postgraduate school and the school of continuing education.
Uniuyo has many campuses scattered around the state. The main campus also known as permanent site accommodate parts of central administration, faculty of engineering, natural and applied sciences, International Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Research (I.C.E.E.S.R), and the postgraduate school. The town campus which accommodates faculties of Arts, Education, social science and pharmacy. The…

The Truth In 'Disease No Dey Kill African Man'

"Disease no dey kill African man" (an African phase that means disease does not kill a man from Africa) is a very common saying in Nigeria. However, I believe that whoever invented this phrase has done more harm than good. It may have been true some years ago when we consider some factors. The story is changing dramatically and it is not good.

Who Pharmacy Sales Representative Should Target

Pharmacy sales representatives are persons saddled with the responsibility of promoting a pharmaceutical product from a company. The products could be drug or non drug product like pharmacy software. There are different approach use in promoting these products.

Most pharma sales reps are registered pharmacist. On very few occasions do we have persons with other degrees. Most of the products these non pharmacist promotes could be softwares. In such a case, a degree in computer science will do.
The job and duty of a pharma sales reps is not as simple as it seems. They provide information and marketing materials about a company's product to medical doctors, increasing awareness about the products. To achieve this, they meet with general practitioner, specialist, pharmacist and other health care professional to tell them about the newest products from their employer and remind them of existing ones. They also take data on the products of their competitors in other to improve on their…

Olabisi Onabanjo University (O.O.U) Pharmacy Programme Review

Olabisi Onabanjo University (O.O.U) is not very popular in south south of Nigeria. Honestly, the first time I heard of this school was in the year 2017. It is situated in Ago Iwoye, Osun state, Nigeria. It is owned and managed by the state government. It was founded on July 7, 1982 as Ogun state university abbreviated as OSU. It was recently renamed on May 29, 2001 in honour of chief (Dr.) Olabisi Onobanjo, whose effort as the then civilian governor of Ogun state gave birth to the university. But the old name is currently more popular than the new name.
OOU have many campuses with the main campus located at Ago Iwoye (permanent site, PS) and another campus called mini campus which house faculty of science before  it was moved to the permanent site in January 2013. The third campus has the faculty of agriculture which is in Aiyetoro, faculty of engineering is in the campus located at Ibogun. Faculties of pharmacy and basic medical sciences including the teaching hospital are in shagam…

Pharmacy Programme Review In Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU

Obafemi Awolowo university (O.A.U) is another federal government owned research university located in the ancient city of Ile-ife, Osun state, Nigeria. It was founded in 1962. Academic activities commenced in October 1962 with its former name University of Ife by the regional government of western Nigeria. It was renamed OAU on May 12 1987 in honour of chief Obafemi Awolowo, the first premier of western Nigeria.
The university has 13 faculties and two colleges - the postgraduate college and the college of health sciences. They comprise of 60 department.
The first vice chancellor (V.C) was professor Oladela Ajose, a Glasgow university graduate and Nigeria first professor of public health recruited from the university of Ibadan from 1962 - 1966. Professor H. A. Oluwasanmi served from 1966 - 75 as second VC with Anthony Adebolu Elujoba, a professor of pharmacognosy as acting VC in July, 1975.
Mission To nurture a teaching and learning community; advance frontiers of knowledge; engender …

Pharmacy In University Of Maiduguri (Unimaid) Overview

The University of Maiduguri is a federal government research university hosted by Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state in northeast Nigeria. It was founded in 1975. The founding fathers intend to make it the country's principal higher education institution. It has a college of medicine and faculties of agriculture, arts, dentistry, education, engineering, law, management science, pharmacy, science, social sciences and veterinary medicine.
At inception, the university had no physical structure. In April 1976 it inherited the premises owned by the former Northeast college of arts and sciences (N.E.C.A.S). The academic programme started immediately in that same year. The school is affiliated with:
1. Kumar Ibn Ibrahim el-Kanem college of education
2. Science and technology Bama
3. College of education, Azare, Bauchi state
4. College of education Gashua, Yobe state
5. Federal college of education (technical), Gombe.
The teaching hospital is located atBama Road, Maiduguri, Borno Stat…

University Of Jos (Unijos) And It's Pharmacy Programme in View

fThe University of Jos started of as an off campus in the university of Ibadan (U.I). This happened in November 1971. Professor E. A. Ayandele was the first acting principal. First students were admitted in January 1972 and they were all pre degree students. Degree courses in Arts were introduced in October 1973. The following year witness the birth of science and education degree. To expand its horizon, the Bauchi Road campus was acquired. This accommodated the faculty of Natural, environmental, medical sciences and education. In October 1975, the military government announced the establishment of seven new Universities and universities of colleges including the University of Jos which is commonly called UNIJOS. From October 1975 down to 1978, professor Gilbert Onuagoluchi was appointed first vice chancellor (V.C).
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Vision To be a globally rated university providing an excellent educational experience with high impart…

The University Of Nigeria, UNN Pharmacy Programme Overview

The University of Nigeria popularly called UNN is a federal university located in Nsukka, Enugu state, Nigeria. It was founded in the year 1955 and was formally opened on the 7th October 1960. This made it the first university in Nigeria after independence. It consist of four campuses in Nsukka (UNN), Enugu (UNEC), Aba (UNAC) and Ituku-ozaka (University of Nigeria teaching hospital, UNTH) all located in Enugu. The main campus is Nsukka. The distance between Nsukka and Enugu is short and cost of transportation between both is small but depends on the type of transport.
During the Nigerian civil war, it was renamed the University of Biafra on 6th of July, 1967. However, the name changed back to UNN with the fall of the republic of Biafra on 15th of January, 1970.
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The university became the first full fledged indigenous and autonomous university in Nigeria modelled upon the American educational system. It is also the fir…

The Two Approach To Management Of Viral Infection; HIV and Common Cold As Case Study

Microorganisms are everywhere. They are invisible to the naked eyes. Some are beneficial while few others are harmful to humans. The harmful ones make us sick. However, over the years scientist have come up with various medications to combat them. The most common is the bacterial infection. There are two bacterial agents. They are bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic. Bacteriocidal kill harmful bacteria within and outside the body. On the other hand, bacteriostatic inhibit the growth of bacterial. However, the benefits of some bacteriostatic agents are that it renders the bacterial weak thereby making it susceptible to the immune response of the body.
Another very important sets of microorganisms are the viruses. They cause some of the world's deadliest diseases. Viruses are a group of microorganisms that consist of a genome and sometimes few enzymes stored in a capsule made of protein (called capsid) and sometimes covered with a lipid layer (sometimes called an 'envelop'). V…


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