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The Pharmacists Oath For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria And Its Meaning

Pharmacists’ oath or the oath of pharmacists is taking on the day of induction into the profession. These oaths is read by the pharmacists Council of Nigeria (P.C.N) Registrar while the pharmacy students being inducted stand on their feet with right hands raised up to recite the oath.

The Proper Time To Start Treatment When Signs And Symptoms Begins

The modern trend in the medical profession is to get patients involve in their own health care. It is believed that people know more about what they are feeling than the physician. This put them in a better position to know signs and symptoms that are chronic or acute.

Anatomy Laboratory For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Another very important laboratory in pharmacy is the anatomy laboratory. The period pharmacy students study anatomy is usually a year.

Laboratory Experimental Practical Examination For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Each semester in pharmacy school ends with examinations. Each course examination is organised by departments that offer them.

The Similarities And Differences Between Doctor Of Pharmacy And Medical Doctor

I see many college students asking what is the difference between Pharmacy and Medicine and surgery. I do not blame them because the two professions are closely related. If you are seeking admission and you are confused on the difference, just relax. This is going to be an in debt review of both professions

The Main Differences Between B. Pharm. And Pharm. D. Degree In Pharmacy

There is only one school in Nigeria that run the Pharm. D (Doctor of Pharmacy) program. That is the University Of Benin (U.N.I.B.E.E). Many pharmacy students are curious to know the difference between B. Pharm and Pharm. D. in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Some even ask which is better. If you are one of those, you are at the right place.

Physiology Laboratory Experimental Practical For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Physiology deals with the function of the body. Physiology experimental practical study how the body functions and how it reacts to external stimuli.

Introduction To Internship For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

From Industrial Training (I.T) to clerkship (clinical rotation) down to internship, the pharmacy curriculum in Nigeria is designed in such a way to build the student up.

Guidelines On Writing A Good Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.W.E.S) Report In Pharmacy School

Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.WE.S) is a program designed by the university to expose students to work experience, an aspect that cannot be learned in school.

Guidelines On How To Write A Good Pharmacy Laboratory Report In Nigeria

Pharmacy laboratory is not complete without a formal laboratory report. This report, which must be written and submitted within a stipulated time, should follow a pattern set out by the department.