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An Overview Of Pharmacy In University Of Benin, UNIBEN

The University of Benin, Benin City, Edo state is the only pharmacy school accredited to award the Pharm. D. degree in Nigeria which span a period of six years. The school, also known as UNIBEN is a federal university whose history dates back to 1970 when it first started as an Institute of Technology. This was not for a long time before it became a university in 1971. It has two campus located at Ugbowo which is the main campus and Ekenwan.

Process Of Drug Registration And Importation With NAFDAC In Nigeria

The way pharmacist seeks for information on how to start a new business is encouraging. In this blog, I have covered how to start a community pharmacy business and a patent medicine shop. In this post, I will focus more on how to import drugs into the country.

Overview Of Delta State University, Delsu Pharmacy Programme

The number of accredited schools offering pharmacy programme as at today is seventeen. However, a point to note is that this number keeps fluctuating year in year out as some schools lose accreditation from Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (P.C.N) and National Universities Commission (N.U.C). The number has increased fairly over the years as more schools indicate interest in offering the course. The point to note is that schools that are currently offering the programme and have not gotten accreditation are not on this list. For a complete list of accredited schools of pharmacy, consider reading the post on this blog about undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in pharmacy school.

The Hard And Difficult Years In Pharmacy School

The truth is that most pharmacy students have little or no idea how difficult or hard the course will be. The thought was always to learn about drugs and diseases together with the anatomy of the human body. The examinations question should be on how drugs work for diseases. The whole truth came crashing on us all gradually and it was too late to think.

Reasons Steaming Parboiled Rice Is Bad For Health

Sometimes, the post in this blog is because of life experience. This post is a perfect example of that. Some of the bag of rice in Nigeria carry the label ‘premium parboil.’ My neighbour measured some quantity from her bag of rice and wants to cook it. She has to soak it in water before watching it, light the cooking gas, place a clean cooking pot on the fire, added the rice with some quantity of water. Some few minutes later, she brought the whole stuff down. As I was watching, she filtered out the water and transferred the rice back to the pot adding fresh water. After some more minutes, she brought the whole pot down.

The Faculty Of Pharmacy Delta State University Oath Taking/Induction Ceremony

This post is going to cover three things. The history of Delta State University, history of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Delta State University and the seventh induction/oath taking ceremony of Delta State University Faculty of Pharmacy, Abraka.
History of Delta State University, Delsu The Delta State University, Abraka is popularly known as Delsu. It is a state-owned university. It has three campuses scattered across the state. The main campus is in Abraka while satellite campuses is in Oleh and Anwai. Abraka campus has three sites.
There are about eleven faculties in Delsu with Abraka having six. Oleh runs two and Anwai takes care of the remaining three.
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It all started in the colonial era to post-colonial era as a centre of education. It is the then Government Teachers’ Training College (T.T.C). When the institution started awarding Nigerian Certificate of Education (N.C.E) in the year 1971 – 1985, it became a co…

How Pharmacy Students Can Do A Good Project Defence Presentation In Nigeria

Project defence is a compulsory task in pharmacy school. Project defence can be internal and external. Internal is not always compulsory. However, both are technically the same. The major difference is that while the internal defence is before a panel of judges made up of lecturers from the department, in addition to the departmental lecturers, an external defence consist of an external professor as the supervisor. The external supervisor comes from another school. However, it is not always the case as external supervisor will be alone with the student.

How To Write Field Trip Report For Pharmacy Students

My field trip report was very good in my eyes back in the days. Many years later, I laugh when I consider it again. Imagine the face of the supervisor as he reads through. The only consolation I gave him was the little jokes in between. It was funny and at the same time horrible. Do not ask me about the grades. Lol.

The Various Degrees Awarded In Pharmacy Schools

The basic requirement to register as a pharmacist in Nigeria is an undergraduate degree. However, there are presently two types of an undergraduate degree in Nigeria. They are B. Pharm and Pharm. D. The meaning of B. Pharm is a bachelor of pharmacy. It is very common to come across the word B. Pharm undergraduate regular. A student who undergo a full-time programme receive this award. There is no part-time in the pharmacy of which it would have been undergraduate part-time.

List Of Schools Offering Pharmacy With Postgraduate Courses In Nigeria

To practice as a pharmacist in Nigeria, one has to study in an accredited school of pharmacy. The study programme is long and practically impossible for anyone to learn everything the profession has to offer. This ranges from the undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The New Oath Of Pharmacist For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

The first sets of pharmacists to be inducted were students of Ahmadu Bello University (A.B.U), Zaria in 1988. Ever since them, thousands of other pharmacist have pass through the same process. However, on the 9th of march, 2015, the Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N) gave approval for a new oath to be administered to pharmacy students on the day of their induction. Let us see the new oath.
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I shall be guided in all dimensions of my life by the highest standards of human conduct and accordingly, will perform my services and duties with devotion, dignity, discretion, and honour
I shall apply the full measure of my knowledge, skills, and activities to improving the health and well being of all those I serve and place their needs above my personal interest and considerations
I shall treat a…

Programme Structure For Pharmacy Schools In Nigeria

Pharmacy is a profession that spans across several fields. To become a pharmacist, one has to go through an approved pharmacy school. This could be in Nigeria or in other parts of the world. However, the process is similar with slight variations at each location.

The Health Implications Of Living Close To Telecommunication Network Mast

I do a lot of my research using my mobile device. There are so many names given to this small device. Some people call them a mobile phone, handset, global system for mobile communication (G.S.M) etc. However, with the benefits came some reservations. These devices operate using electricity, resistors, conductors, magnets, liquids, and some other pieces of technology. When a voltage containing some level of current flow past a magnet, there occurs a field containing rays. These rays referred to as radio frequency (R.F) are to remain within the device if not for the fact that the manufacturers want the device to communicate with another somewhere else. This leads to radiation of these rays. The rays are the only means to communicate with the network base station rays.

Project Work In Pharmaceutics And Industrial Pharmacy Department

The department of pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy (P.C.T) is designed to train students of pharmacy on safety and quality control in the production of medicinal products. It relates drug formulation, delivery, disposition, and clinical response. It is reflected in projects of pharmaceutics.
Pharmaceutics project is one of the broadest in terms of topics. In fact, hardly will a student be given a project work that has been work on before. However, the topics have little variations, as the process is always similar with previous works.

Project Work In Pharmaceutical Or Medicinal Chemistry

Be it pharmaceutical chemistry or medicinal chemistry (P.C.H), this department is one of the tough department in pharmacy. Project work reflects this stance. Drug design and development rest on the shoulders of PCH. Project works involve investigation of products of medicinal value. It could be herbal or brand drug. This post will expatiate more on them as it happens live and direct.

Rights And Responsibilities Of Students Of Pharmacy

We all have right and responsibilities in this country. However, only lawyers know most of those rights and responsibilities. That is why we run to them for guidance and they make money from it. It is not our fault. The laws of the land are more than what we can always remember. However, each one of us should know some of the basic rights in each setting. This post is about the rights and responsibilities of pharmacy students in Nigeria University.

Glutathione, The Drug Pills Most Celebrity Use To Bleach Their Skin

The rate of skin whitening is rising at an alarming rate. It is affecting both male and females as the battle for beauty is popularized by adverts and celebrities. The hearts of many that a beautiful skin is a fair skin has been influenced by these celebrities and adverts. That is why the body beauty or cream industry is doing all it can to produce products that meet these needs. Some go as far as adding constituents that does this even if is detrimental to the health of the user. They package it in such a way the user is carried away with the effect without questioning the implication.

The Cost Of Starting A Community Pharmacy At Different Location In Nigeria

Pharmacy students are always curious as to the career path they will find themselves as they graduate. Majority of pharmacy interns plan to be entrepreneurs. That is, opening a community pharmacy shop. The plan is to use internship salary and National Youth Service Corps (N.Y.S.C) reimbursement for the start-up capital. The few that succeed in saving up for this may find out the initial plan did not work out the way it was all plan.

How To Turn Pharmacy Internship Into A Full Time Employment

Pharmacy internship is a mandatory one-year programme designed to expose the young pharmacist to the real world situation. Getting a Pharmacy internship placement is one difficult aspect of the profession for now. This could be due to the number of pharmacy graduate coming into the workforce yearly compared with the limited availability of internship centers.
Another problem is the salary for the different centers as some pay more than others are. This put strain on centers that are high paying. For those pharmacy interns that got lucky, they may want to be retained in the center. This is because they may also pay their full time staffs well. This could be the reason some interns will likely want to be retained by their employer after completing the one-year mandatory internship. Everyone wants a high paying job. So what can an intern pharmacist do to captivate their managers for employment or recommendation to another high paying establishment?
One thing I have realized is that most…

Tips On The Different Methods On How To Delay Monthly Periods

Periods (menstruation) is one thing most girls dislike. They have been made to believe the non-scientific proof that the flow is proof of fertility. True to some degree, periods are a nightmare to some girls. It becomes uncomfortable when it occurs or about to in a time when the girl is about to do something. Things like going to a social gathering with friends, swimming pool, your own wedding etc.

Ideas For Pharmaceutical Microbiology Project In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical microbiology (P.M.B) project is simple to do in principle. The actual reality is far different from that. The advice to students in this department is to stay clear if they are not very good in terms of simple hygiene or they will suffer the consequence of their choice. After reading this post, you may know the reason.

Scholarships For Undergraduate Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

The joy of most students in university is to be financially buoyant. However, this is not always the case due to the kind of economic situations in the country.

The History Of Pharmacy In Nigeria

There is a general saying that to know where one is going, it is important to know where you are coming from. True to some extent, this post gives a brief overview of pharmacy profession in Nigeria. However, there are many sides to the history of pharmacy in Nigeria. This post concentrates more on the history of pharmacy education in Nigeria. That is not to say other aspects will not be touch.

How To Buy Health Products Online

Technology has influenced all sectors of the world. The medical world is one of the beneficiaries. It has affected the way patients and medical personnel do things.

The Use Of Protected Title In Pharmacy

There is a general confusion on the use of titles around the world. Titles differ from one country to the other. Qualifications for a title may not be the same from one country to another. This is really having negative effects on the qualifications of those who are qualified to bear some of these titles.
Every undergraduate degree has a title. These titles can be termed protected if it was agitated for by an association or a regulatory body. There are situations whereby a graduate of a degree is automatically entitled to the title. In some other cases, there is the need for registration with the law of the country. This way, people who do not study the course cannot use the title, which will be against the law.

List Of Pharmacy Associations In Nigeria

The pharmacy profession is regulated by Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N). However, there are a couple of other agencies responsible for regulating some aspect of pharmacy professions such as National Universities Commission (N.U.C) and The National Agency For Food And Drug Administration And Control (N.A.F.D.A.C). NUC regulates pharmacy education while NAFDAC regulates pharmaceutical products.