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How To Write SIWES (IT) Report For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.WE.S) is a program designed by the university to expose students to work experience, an aspect that cannot be learned in school.

Guidelines On How To Write A Good Pharmacy Laboratory Report In Nigeria

Pharmacy laboratory is not complete without a formal laboratory report. This report, which must be written and submitted within a stipulated time, should follow a pattern set out by the department.

Changes A Pharmacist Can Make In A Medical Prescription And How To Go About It

In the hospital setting, medical doctors prescribe, the pharmacist dispense and counsel patients. One of the duties associated with the dispensing is checking the diagnosis with the drugs prescribed by the doctor. It is not out of place to make mistake.

Choosing A Career Path Between Pharmacy Or Medicine And Surgery In Nigeria

Disclaimer: My decision probably has been influenced by my course of study. However, the argument presented can be faulted by anyone.

The Effects Of Fatty Food On The Pharmacology Of Artemether/Lumenfantrine

Many persons fail to heed the counsel of pharmacist as to how to take their medications. Take, for instance, the malaria drug artemether/lumefantrine is advised to be used with fatty food. Very few people really do keep to this kind of information.

The Different Type Of Hospitals Found In Nigeria

The majority of Nigerians visit any nearby medical centre when they are not feeling too well. They do not consider the quality of service that is rendered in these centres.

Drug Production Process In The Pharmaceutical Industry

The production of drugs is kind of complex. It starts from local school research where primary research begins. However, the pharma industry turns raw materials into finish drugs. We shall see how drugs are produced but not from the scratch though.

Minor Ailments Pharmacist Can Diagnose And Treat

Back in the days, so many Nigerians believe that the place of the pharmacist is simply to dispense medications to patients.

When Enough Is Enough During Treatment With Medication

When you hear the word ‘drug resistance’, the first thing that crosses the mind of most medical personnel is drug abuse and misuse. This is correct.

Guidelines On How To Fill Industrial Training Log Book For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.W.E.S) Industrial Training (I.T) was designed by the government to add to student Curriculum Vitae (C.V) after graduation.

When And Why Self-Medication Is Proper In Nigeria

Self-medication is the use of drugs to treat oneself without a valid medical prescription and supervision. They involve Over The Counter (O.T.C) drugs.

Warning Instructions Common In Drug Information Leaflet And Their Meaning

Reading drug product label is very important before taking any drug. The label explains some of the basics that drug users need to know.

How To Do Presentation In Pharmacy Including Clerkship

A presentation can simply be defined as a discussion about a particular subject under study. This practice is very common in other departments in the school.

An Introduction To Pharmacy School Laboratory In Nigeria

Practical, being the most basic and effective tool for imparting knowledge into students goes hand in hand with a theory for better understanding and concept building. This is especially important in the medical field including pharmacy. Pharmacy laboratories are concerned with prescribing, compounding and dispensing of drugs.

Pharmacy Technician Sandwich Program For Re-certification By Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria

Some years back, graduates of pharmacy technicians started practising without any form of the certification examination. Just of recent, the Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N) introduced a certification examination for pharmacy technician graduates.

The Reason Some People Faint Even When They Seems To Be Very Healthy

Fainting is a word that evokes fear in the minds of Nigerians who usually attribute such occurrence to lack of blood in the body of the sufferer. In other words, people who are believed to lack blood are more prone to it.

Guidelines On The Various Options In Gaining Admission To Study Pharmacy In Nigeria

A lot of intending pharmacy students find it difficult getting into the pharmacy profession. This is because the means of getting admission to Study pharmacy is somewhat limited. However, there is rare of hope, as some other alternatives are available to them.

The Job And Duty Of A Pharmacist Explained

To most Nigerians, the duty or job of a pharmacist is to dispense medications from a medical doctor to a patient. This is because that is what they see most times in the hospital when they visit. However, the function of the pharmacist is so vast.

Choosing Between The Use Of Injection And Oral Products For Treatment Of A Disease

As a child, we had little choice as to the nature of medication we want. As we grow older, our choices were moulded mostly by our childhood experiences.

The Effects Of Taking Drug Pill With Drinks Such As Soft Drinks

Drug absorption in the body is a very complex topic. This is because drug manufacturers focus their research on the effects of drug absorption on certain medical conditions.

Pharmacy Software And Its Importance In Pharmacy Profession

Everybody wants that easy life. That is why man has designed many tools to fill that need. A good example is a computer they come in different forms and sizes.

The Most Important Secondary School Subjects That Pharmacy Students Need

To be admitted to study pharmacy in Nigeria, a student must have at least five credits pass in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in not more than one sitting.

Pharmacy School Field Trip In Nigeria

The curriculum of Pharmacy in Nigeria understand the importance of exposing students to the real world. This they achieve with the use of Industrial Training (I.T).

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