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How To Write SIWES (IT) Report For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

How to write SIWES report for pharmacy students
Pharmacy student SIWES report
Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.WE.S) is a program designed by the university to expose students to work experience, an aspect that cannot be learned in school.
It involves the attachment of students to an approved organisation that is related to pharmacy. Fortunately, it can be included in a Curriculum Vitae (C.V).

It involves the attachment of students to an approved organisation that is related to pharmacy. Fortunately, it can be included in a CV.

Pharmacy school SIWES program is for a period of six months. During the period of training, students fill a log book with daily activities. However, a different report is expected of students to be submitted immediately after resumption in school. This report in some schools must be presented in the form of a seminar presentation.

The format of SIWES report is similar across various departments in the university with some light variations. Those variations can have a significant impact.

Format Of SIWES Report

  • Cover page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Dedication
  • Abstract (summary of the report)
  • The body of the Report

  • The Body Of The Report

    The body of the work is made up of various sub titles, which gradually explain the experience in a clear logical manner. The first thing is:

    Chapter One

    Introduction: It contains why you went to the organisation and the benefits to you, the student. It simply entails the objectives of SIWES and all that.

    Chapter Two

    A brief history of the organisation, which should be concise. It could also include their address. Explanation of the organisation where you worked and what they do in general. That includes the organisational structure, which includes the organogram o the establishment. State clearly the objectives of the establishment. They are usually posted in conspicuous locations in the establishment.

    Introduce the department where you worked if the organisation is big and give a brief explanation of the department organogram. Say the type of work that is been done there. Do not forget to introduce the various Head of Departments, Industrial Based supervisor, Dress codes, safety tips observed during that period, the dos and don’ts of the establishment.

    Chapter Three

    Go ahead to explain and summarise your daily activities. Simply copy some of them from your Industrial Training Log book. A little editing to suit a report format is highly recommended.  Include diagrams where necessary like syringes, etc. Then say what you have learned from the program that you never know before.

    Chapter Four

    Summary/Conclusion/Recommendation: list all the problems encountered during the Training before and during. This should be followed by a recommendation.

    For departments that do a presentation, a slide show of a summary is designed. Students will find my previous articles on presentations valuable here.

    The report must be submitted to the Head of Department Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration. Other instructions on typing format such as font, spacing etc. must be strictly observed.

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