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How To Set Up A Patent Medicine Store In Nigeria

Patent Medicine Store in Nigeria
Patent Medicine Store
A patent medicine store popularly known as a chemist is a store that stock and sell over the counter (O.T.C) drugs. However, patent medicine stores are not supposed to be called chemist.
Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (P.C.N) at such capacity approves them to operate within the shores of the country.

Patent stores are managed, not by the pharmacist but by individuals who feel the need to serve the nation in such capacity. They are found in major villages where pharmacist stores are scarce. They also serve to augment the services of the pharmacist in towns and cities.

This business is very lucrative and so the requirements are a little bit strict. The requirements to own one is similar within the country. However, the ability to keep up in the business may require a little knowledge on the drugs.

Registration Of Patent Medicine Store

In Delta state, it is practically a straightforward thing. The major requirement is to get yourself registered with the National Association of Proprietary and Patent Medicine Dealers (N.A.P.P.M.D). They have been approved by PCN to managed and control patent medicines stores and keep to the rules and instructions from PCN.

The registration requires a one-year one-time payment that varies from location to location. The payment can be between the sum of 200,000 naira with foods and drinks presented to the organisation. The foods and drinks are a welcome address and an introduction to get to know other patent vendors within that locality.

A yearly fee is collected. Most places within Delta charges 30,000-50,000 naira for that.

The money paid is used for several things like paying for vigilante dues and for registration into PCN. In other cases, the new person registers with PCN and gets the certificate but the organisation makes the process easy and simple. In addition, money realised at the end of the month is spent on members like buying the end of year food that is distributed among members.

Most people tend to omit registration with the organisation once they secure their certificate from PCN. This I consider a wrong move since the organisation have shown over time to be able to frustrate those who failed to comply.

Next is to register the business name with Cooperate Affairs Commission (C.A.C). This is done by paying a visit to any of their state branch.

To do this, pick two business names you like which have not been used. Submit it to CAC. Wait for approval and if not approved, change the name. It happens most time when the name is taken or closely related to another. Finally, take the approved name to CAC. They will demand a copy of the certificate from PCN to incorporate a patent store named company. CAC will require bits of information including proof of payments of their charges.

After the registration process, the laws that may have been told even before registration entails:

  1. Getting a store that is hygienic in nature. That means the store should not be closed to where dirt is deposited or an abattoir or other unhygienic locations.
  2. The environmental condition must be conducive for both the buyer and seller.
  3. A condition is very crucial for your location to be approved. According to my guide, a patent store must not be sited close to another. There is a minimum distance allowed. It must be at least a pole apart (200 meters) in busy areas and or two poles (400 meters) for less busy areas.

Starting The Patent Medicine Store

After meeting the registration requirement, the next step is to evaluate how to start. What I mean is the amount you intend to invest. The bulk of the money is usually on the registration and renting of a suitable store. The cost of getting the drugs is not that much. Consider if a helping hand like a pharmacy technician will be needed to assist in the store and how much to pay such ones.

The credible supplier is necessary pre-requisite that should not be kicked aside. Because of the prevalence of fake and sub-standard drugs, it is very good to get in touch with a credible supplier, which could be from a referral. This should not be difficult if you have registered with NAPPMD since most members will be willing to link new members to their associates.

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Tips To Succeed As A Patent Medicine Vendor

To be successful, a good market survey is needed. These include:

  1. Location: A good location will put into account the places that lack access to primary health care (P.H.C). This will increase the patronage by a factor of four. This also reduces competition.
  2. Experience: I see no reason why a carpenter of someone with no idea will just jump into drug market. Even though such drugs do not require a prescription, basic knowledge is needed. This is because some patients ask for directions how to take drugs and should be directed accordingly. Failure to do this will make the patient feel the seller is incompetent and have some reservations. Either they may not come back or switch customers.
  3. Adequate Advert: There are laws guiding patent store adverts. Learn them and use it to your advantage. One very cheap and easy way to advertise is to open a website telling people about your work.
  4. Attend Orientation: PCN organises orientation for patients medicines dealers every two years. These should be attended as it enlightened attendants on new innovative ways and products of treating modern diseases.

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Push by some groups of pharmacy to abolish the law that accepts patent medicine store have been on. This has been pushed aside because they are of great help today. The reason is that most pharmacists do not like going to villages to sell. Such villages should not be left to suffer when patent stores can reduce hospital visitations.

Presently, my village does not have one single pharmacist. If those patent stores were not there, how would they get drugs to buy?

Though some pharmacist is now saying patents should only be restricted to the villages because they are making them poor, I still see no reasons for that. The pharmacist that knows what they are doing cannot be intimidated with a mere patent store. The services they render should surpass that of the patent store and speaks for itself.

Note: In case you have a suggestion or comment as per this topic, please feel free to say it.

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  1. Nice article but must the distance between two patent stores be one electric pole?

  2. Great Blog.....
    Thanks for sharing with us.....

  3. I feel the payment is too much & as if u re working for them,so why cant I choose to be independent & be free frm them

  4. The distance between one patent store and the next most be at least one electric pole apart.
    It may be too much but some of the money goes to the government and the balance shared among members. Sorry I don't work for patent dealers as am a licensed pharmacist who should fight for my profession. There is a battle presently on now to phase out c patent dealers by pharmacist. There are some locations patents are not allowed to practice as only pharmacist are allowed


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