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The Process Of Obtaining Treatment In A Nigerian Government Hospital

The hospital is obviously a place where nobody ever prays to visit as a patient or relative to a patient. However, it seems in a person’s lifetime, it is inevitable to avoid it. 

Hospital Units Found In Most Nigerian Hospital

The hospital is divided into several units each with various functions. The departments in Nigerian hospitals are similar with big hospitals having most of them.

How Tramadol Abuse Is Silently Creeping Into Homes With Its Destructive Effects In Nigeria

Tramadol came to Nigeria in the 90’s. It was an over the counter (O.T.C) drug. It is in the same class with opioid painkillers.

How Portable Electric Engine Generator Is Killing Innocent People In Nigeria

We live in a country where electric power supply is erratic or epileptic in nature. Some folks make a joke that the national supply is a standby option.

Patients Right Medical Personnels Must Not Break Including Patients Rights Limitation In Nigeria

Medical personnel’s have statutory duties to their patients. These duties to patients are taught them while in school. However, most patients do not know they have rights.