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Courses Under Faculty Of Pharmacy School In Nigeria

Pharmacy is a profession that deals on drugs and medicines. It entails drug discovery, development, design, and formulation including dispensing to both humans and animals for improving health.

The Process Of Obtaining Treatment In A Nigerian Government Hospital

The hospital is obviously a place where nobody ever prays to visit as a patient or relative to a patient. However, it seems in a person’s lifetime, it is inevitable to avoid it. 

How Doctors Write Medical Prescription Of Drugs For Pharmacist

A visit to the hospital is hardly complete without a visit to the hospital pharmacy unit. A doctor has the power to send you to various units within the hospital to have a better diagnosis.

The Full List Of Drug Classification Of Nigeria Essential Medicine

The national drug policy for Nigeria presents a formula in which categories falls into a framework for meeting the nation’s drug need.

Recommended International Non-proprietary Name Of Drugs (Full List) With Formal Name

One of the functions of World Health Organisation (W.H.O) is the regulation of International Non-proprietary Names (I.N.Ns) which was established in 1950.

Units Or Departments Found In Most Nigerian Hospitals

The hospital is divided into several units each with various functions. The departments in Nigerian hospitals are similar with big hospitals having most of them.

Guidelines On Opening Or Starting A Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacy is drug stores managed and controlled by a pharmacist. They usually compliment the work of hospital pharmacy. They are mostly the first point of call for most patients.

How To Set Up A Patent Medicine Store In Nigeria

A patent medicine store popularly known as a chemist is a store that stock and sell over the counter (O.T.C) drugs. However, patent medicine stores are not supposed to be called chemist.

Pharmacy Induction/Oath Taking Ceremony In Nigeria Universities

Induction is an oath taking ceremony organised by Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (P.C.N) for all successful graduating students of pharmacy schools across the nation.

The Best Option Between Public Ward And Private Rooms In A Nigerian Hospital

The hospitals in Nigeria and around the world have different types of wardrooms where in-patients stay for close monitoring of their health.

Here Are What You May Not Know Of Chewing Stick And Modern Tooth Cleaning Process in Nigeria

Chewing stick is the oldest form of tooth cleaning in the world. This form of tooth cleaning has been replaced with modern toothbrush and paste.

The Raging Menace Of Medicine Addiction Due To Abuse In Nigeria

The menace of drug abuse is rising fast in Nigeria. However, the recent abuse drugs are no longer hard drugs like cocaine and marijuana.

Career Opportunities And Roles Of Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians are like assistants to the pharmacist in their day-to-day activities. They are health care workers who work under the supervision of a pharmacist and performs pharmacy related functions. They are not very common in Nigeria but are growing as the years goes by. The only school of health technologies and few other health related institutions have the licence to run the program. To be a certified pharmacy technician, it is mandatory to acquire knowledge in a school approved by Pharmaceutical Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N) for three years. This provides an array of opportunities for such graduates. To start with, such ones can apply for direct entry to study pharmacy in an approved university by PCN. Aside from that, here is the list of opportunities opened to pharmacy technicians in Nigeria.
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How To Become A Pharmacy Technician In Nigeria

Pharmacy technicians are a group of trained personnel who assist the pharmacist in all aspects of practice. They were introduced by Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N) some years ago. The schools that have been licenced to run the program include most state-owned school of health technology e.g. School of Health Technology, Ofuoma, Ughelli. This is in addition to some other health institutions including some newly approved private health institute. These schools also offer other health-related courses such as Community Health Extension Workers (C.H.E.W). In all and all, the method of admission and training is similar.

The Stages Of Drug Development And Design For Herbal Medicine

Medicines are group into traditional and orthodox (western) medicines. Western medicines involve proper investigation of the activities of the drug, which is usually in a pure form in the dosage ranging from tablets to capsules etc. This is not the case with traditional drugs, which depends on the crude drug for activities. They are mostly in liquid forms.
Traditional medicines are more common in Africa and Asia with the western world using more of orthodox medicine. The success stories of many traditional medicines have made World Health Organization (W.H.O) to adopt guidelines in the incorporation of it into mainstream medicine.
The adoption of traditional medicines by who has led to the introduction of the methods used in orthodox medicine. Let us see how some of the popular drugs came about. The method here focuses on herbal drugs development but have similarity with synthetic products. For the herbal drugs developed by the methods, it can be called semi-synthetic drugs like hyos…

How Tramadol Abuse Is Silently Creeping Into Homes With Its Destructive Effects In Nigeria

Tramadol came to Nigeria in the 90’s. It was an over the counter (O.T.C) drug. It is in the same class with opioid painkillers.

The Various Roles Pharmacist Play In Their Sectors In Nigeria

Pharmacy is a phrase that means ‘knowledge and procedure of manufacture as well as administration of drugs.’

Guide On How To Stay Healthy When You Travel To A Foreign Land

We all travel from time to time to different places for different reasons. Travel can be within a country, a continent, or outside to a foreign land using various means of transportation.

How Portable Electric Engine Generator Is Killing Innocent People In Nigeria

We live in a country where electric power supply is erratic or epileptic in nature. Some folks make a joke that the national supply is a standby option.

The Good Things Microorganisms Do To Our Body And How To Protect Them

Microorganisms include bacteria, fungi, virus and bacteriophage. There are trillions of them in our body right now. The majority of them are bacteria, which are called microbiomes.

The Reason Why Drug Manufacturers Produce Bitter Tasting Drugs

Most of us as an adult usually envy young little children when we discover that their drugs taste little better than those for adults do.

Career Opportunity For Pharmacist With Basic Qualities To Be Successful In Nigeria

The choice of a career can be a difficult one for individuals in Nigeria. Several factors have been figured out to be the cause of such difficulty.

Patients Right Medical Personnels Must Not Break Including Patients Rights Limitation In Nigeria

Medical personnel’s have statutory duties to their patients. These duties to patients are taught them while in school. However, most patients do not know they have rights.


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