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Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.W.E.S) Industrial Training (I.T) For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

Generally, the university is based on theory. However, there are some course that include practicals which did not still meet up to what really happens in the day-to-day activities in a typical work setting.

Project/Research Work In Pharmacy School Guidelines In Nigeria

School projects/research is a compulsory course that every student in a Nigerian university must do. It is in fulfilment of requirements for obtaining a degree in Nigeria, which include a pharmacy.

Drug That Interact With Alcohol And Their Potential Effects When Taken Together

Alcohol is not a poisonous compound when consumed in moderate amount. However, moderate consumption can become dangerous and deadly when it is combined with certain medications.

The Structure And Function Of Pharmaceutical Society Of Nigeria (P.S.N)

Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (P.S.N) is an association that most time confuses new pharmacy students in Nigerian universities. The difference between PSN and Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N) was difficult to comprehend.

The Structure And Function Of Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N)

For those who have been reading this blog for some time now, you must have come across the organisation ‘Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N)’ a couple of times.

The Life And Time Of A Day Of A Pharmacy Student In Nigerian University

Gaining admission to study pharmacy in the university is one thing, graduating is another. Both task are not friendly at all. For some of us, we never knew what we were venturing into.

Where To Go When About To Deliver A Baby In A Hospital With Needed Delivery Essentials

Hospital delivery in Nigeria is becoming very popular even in the villages. The reason can be due to the success that have been recorded over the years over other forms of delivery like traditional birth delivery method.

The Reason Why Rainy Season Makes Us Sick And How To Prevent It

The rains are here again. For those who are into seasonal business, it is either it will favour them or disrupt their business. This time of the year makes farmers smile with joy.

The Dangers Of Eating Shawarma And Barbecue Wrapped With Aluminium Foil

Nights in most parts of Nigeria are usually busy from activities. It usually involves those who are into night market including those who wants to feel the evening air.

Common Hospital Staffs And Their Roles In A Nigerian Hospital

A visit to the hospital by many people bring them in direct contact with doctors and some few other health care professional.

How Pure Is Pure (Sachet) Water In Nigeria: Separating Fact From Fiction

Pure water in Nigeria can be said to be package water the most common one being sachet water.

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