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The Effect Of Taking Drug During Fasting

Fasting is a situation of abstaining from any nutritious substance. These include but not limited to food and water. I would have continued the definition by saying for religious reasons.

List Of Good Pharmacy Blogs

With the introduction of the internet came the proliferation of website and blogs. Blogs became so popular around the world in the year 2005.

Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program For The Re-Certification Of Pharmacists In Nigeria

Every profession is evolving so too is the pharmacy profession. It is imperative of pharmacist to keep themselves abreast of recent happenings and current trends in the world of pharmacy.

The Most Difficult Course Subjects In Pharmacy School In Nigeria

After passing through pharmacy, I sat down one night to analyse all my experiences in the faculty. The major thing that ran through my mind was what I considered the most difficult course subject in my days. I could immediately feel my jaw muscles stiffen. All those horrors started pouring in like a nightmare.

How To Navigate Drugxpert Blog

This blog can only be accessed with the help of an internet connection to a computer from anywhere in the world. Before we discuss the topic properly, let us see one or two things about the internet.

The Difficult Conditions Guiding Proceeding To Next Level In Pharmacy School In Nigeria

The phrase ‘Pharmacy hard o!’ is a very common word to most fresh students in pharmacy. The advice pharmacy students hear most of the time is even intelligent students get kick out or stay extra years. However, after years in the course, I can say it depends on your own perspective.

Change Of Course Or Institution To Pharmacy From Another Department

The school system in Nigeria operates a kind of funny education system. A student who applies to study a course may be given a different course to study.

All About Pharmaceutical Association Of Nigerian Students (P.A.N.S)

If you are a student in a school of pharmacy, you are a member of Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (P.A.N.S). This write-up will explain a little of this organisation if you are new to pharmacy school.

The Reasons Unprotected Sex With A H.I.V/A.I.D.S Carrier May Not Cause Infection With The Virus

The myths and facts of how Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome (H.I.V/A.I.D.S) is transmitted in Nigeria are very vague.

Good Textbooks For Pharmacy Students In Nigeria

One of the secrets of pharmacy education is reading books. These include lecture notes and good textbooks.

Clinical Rotation/Clerkship For Pharmacy Students Pattern In Nigeria Pharmacy School

The practice of pharmacy has evolved over the years from the traditional method of drug dispensing to a more proactive approach to patient care.

The Way Allergens Affect Student In Pharmacy Laboratory And Solution

Studying pharmacy in a Nigerian university can be fun. There is more fun in the laboratory where experimental practical are carried out with results that explain the ‘nature of life.’

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