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Change Of Course Or Institution To Pharmacy From Another Department

Change of course to pharmacy in Nigeria
Change of course to pharmacy
The school system in Nigeria operates a kind of funny education system. A student who applies to study a course may be given a different course to study.
The alternative may not be related to the students’ choice. This can be frustrating to many students who may decline the admission or work to switch later. I will always recommend the later for the student, as there is difficulty in getting admission into a Nigeria University.

The following are the reasons why students do change of course or institution

Choice Of Career: The passion to study pharmacy is the main drive by most students who really wish to study pharmacy. it should be the main driving force cause that is when such students will succeed

Finance: The financial rewards at the end

Location: The distance of the institution from home can play a significant role in one’s choice

Personal: Some people are just home sick

Content: Some students like bulk workload or find pharmacy courses interesting

This article will help students who want to study pharmacy but were given a different course to analyse the possibility. It will also discuss on students who wants to move along to other departments like medicine and surgery. This is because many undergraduates keep asking if it is possible and how.
Before I proceed, we must come to realize that different universities have different requirements to process change of course. However, the differences are not that much. That is why we will discuss the various methods why you will check the one for the school you intend to work with.

Change Of Course To Study Pharmacy

Changing out of pharmacy is easy; coming back after leaving is difficult if not impossible. Changing your course of study from courses students considered lower to a higher course like pharmacy is not easy in any university. There are even some universities that have close that door to students. However, the majority of schools still allow such activities.

Before you take that bold steps, consider this:

Research: Talk to students who have successfully done it before either in that department or others. Also, talk to students doing pharmacy to see if you can cope.

Consult: Talk to your current course adviser and that of pharmacy about what you already know.

Always ask, since you could not meet the course of the mark, can you cope with the course? However, before I scare you, consider the fact that many people who successfully did have graduated as a pharmacist. So you too can.

Change Of Course To Pharmacy Year One

This is not possible in pharmacy but may be possible in other courses.

Change Of Course To Pharmacy Year Two

It is possible in most university. The criteria were that such a student must pose a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (C.G.P.A) that is specified by the university that is usually around 3.5 for a Grade Point Average (G.P.A) of 5. That means the student must have written two-semester examinations. Other than that, the courses he offered in his present course must be the same or at least a good percentage must be same with course 100 level pharmacy students’ offers. If one or two courses were not part of his year one course, he must offer them if he succeeded in changing to the pharmacy during his year two days.

In addition, students who wish to change to pharmacy must fulfill the other conditions that apply to pharmacy students who wants to study the course. These include having an O ‘level result of five credits pass in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in not more than one sitting. This in addition to Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (J.A.M.B.) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (U.T.M.E) course, which must be English Language, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

How To Start The Change Of Course To Pharmacy

Consult your head of the department of your decision: explain why you wish to leave. Never say because the course is not good. They can frustrate your plans to leave. Say something like your passion have always been with pharmacy

Consult With Faculty Officer In Pharmacy: Check with them if you have fulfilled all criteria’s to switch over and if ever you failed anyone.

Buy the change of course form from the Office of the Vice-chancellor: fill the form and complete the process. The process may be a little bit different here. It can be online. However, you must sign out from your department while signing into the pharmacy. Signing in is only possible when you have been accepted.

After Switching

If you start early before 200 level starts, you will not have miss many lectures. Register for those courses you missed in year one a soon as possible. Make friends fast. Success is sure.

What of those whose CGPA was not up to the minimum?

If every other condition has been met, it is possible to change to the pharmacy. However, such a student will start from 100 level.  This one requires to the best of my knowledge high connection.

Other Years

Change of course to the pharmacy after year two is still easy as the previous. However, there is a big question you must ask yourself is it worth the change? If yes is your answer, then go ahead. This is because such a student will start from year two in pharmacy.

Nevertheless, before you process, here are some few tips:

  • You will start from year two
  • You must also fulfill all other conditions

Change Of Institution

Very rare I tell you. However, it is still possible. It is mostly when a student wants to change from a university in a foreign country to Nigeria. It could be due to war or health. It can still be within the country. However, before I continue, note these facts:

It is easy more easy to change a university with the same course than to a different course. However, it is not impossible like from a science course that has fulfilled all the above conditions.

To be eligible for a consideration, a student who wants to change institution must first meet all the requirements for the school. That is just as each department have rules for students who wish to transfer to the department, so also universities have their own rules. After meeting those requirements, such a student must then consider if he/she has met the once for pharmacy.

Some of them are:

  • No bad record in current school
  • Health record

Process To Change Institution And Course

It involves consulting all the necessary offices before carrying out your plan. You may not be a student if your application was sign out and was not sign in.

The process is a little bit more complex than before. Change of institution form must be bought at the school of choice. After filling the form, your current school must sign out while the present school sign you in.

Any change of course or institution must be effected in the JAMB website at a cost to the student. Failure can lead to loss of admission.

It is not necessary that all applicants must be taken. In addition, it is not every year that pharmacy accepts change to the department. The reason is that if the number of 200 level students are exactly the capacity of the facilities, there will not be rooms for more. In addition, if the number of students that are needed is not much and the number of applicants is more, the best will be selected among the list.

Also, change of institution will start from 200 level no matter the previous level of the student.

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