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Treating Future Microorganism Infections With Microorganisms Called Probiotics

Microorganisms are organisms that are very small. Naked eyes cannot see them unless aided with a microscope.

Things To Expect When You Visit A Doctor For Medical Diagnosis

To see a pharmacist or a doctor for disease diagnosis is one thing, getting proper treatment is another.

The Medical Implication Of Taking Expired Drugs

Sometimes, we may wake up in the middle of the night to take some pills to curb that sudden pain.

From The Start To The End Of Antenatal Care In Nigeria

Antenatal care is an important step in the health of both a mother and her unborn child.

Drug Information Patient Should Know In Their Patient Information Leaflet

Drugs are substances that we use to treat and prevent diseases in humans and in some cases plants and animals.

Preventing Malaria Without The Use Of Drugs

It is a well-known statement that 'prevention is better and cheaper than cure.' Prevention is the most important thing health-care personnel concern themselves with.

Drinking Fanta Or Sprite With Vitamin C Is Dangerous To Health

When we were still young, there used to be rumours of deaths from consuming soft drinks after eating fruits like mango. 
Well, with recent events and stories, those rumours have elements of truth in them, although they are not true. Please consider this.
The media has been abuzz with news of a court case involving a businessperson and the Nigerian Bottling Company (N.B.C). The story was that the businessperson who bought some quantity of Fanta and Sprite in Nigeria exported them to the United Kingdom (U.K). On getting there, the UK health authorities did some preliminary check on the products. 
Unfortunately, the products, when added to vitamin C (ascorbic acid) produced a poisonous compound. This led to the product being rejected and destroyed by the UK government. They also found the level of sunset yellow (colour) above the recommended standard in the UK.
So, what is the content of Fanta and Sprite produced in Nigeria? Is it different from those produced in other countries? What is the…

The Possible Effects Of Swallowing Balls Of Eba With Drug (Pills) Inside

A drug can be said to be a substance that causes a psychological change in the body.

How To Become A Pharmacist In Nigeria

Pharmacy is a professional course that came out from medicine and surgery. It has a long and rich history within and outside Nigeria.