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How To Navigate Health And Medicine Blog

How to navigate health and medicine blog tutorial
Health and Medicine blog
This blog can only be accessed with the help of an internet connection to a computer from anywhere in the world. Before we discuss the topic properly, let us see one or two things about the internet.

If I should define what the internet is all about, I will say it is an exchange of data between computers. This is done over the air (O.T.A) or with the use of cables.

The internet is like the planet earth. No wonder it is referred to as the World Wide Web (W.W.W). In this earth, there are places one can visit. Those places have addresses. So too, to visit a website or blog you must know the address among others. There are about 160 million blogs with thousands added daily. The address of a place usually tells us so many things about it. They range from the country, state, town/city, street, and street number. If you have all these information, it becomes easy to locate where you’re going to. This also applies to the internet. Once you have the address of your destination, open your browser, type the address of the blog you which to visit and enter. It will take you directly to the page most likely home page. However, there are still other means of getting into a house, right? Through the kitchen or back door. Well, we can still do it in a blog.

If you visit a house, the first thing you will see is the parlour where you may be entertained. From this massive room (which is suppose to be but not like that in most houses in Nigeria), you can have access to other rooms in the house. If the other rooms have been given a sub-address, we can give other pages in a blog a sub-address too. You can enter those rooms from the parlour. Same way, you can enter those other pages in the blog from the home page.

It is still possible to visit those pages in the blog without first going to the home page. Lets us see how that can happen.

To visit a page in a blog that is not the home page can be achieved by two means. The first is that you must know the address of the blog including the subaddress. Type it into the address bar in your browser and once it will take you to the page. This is like entering the house from the kitchen. From here, you can visit the blog home page.

The other method can best be explained by using this illustration. Let us assume we are aliens from another planet who came to planet earth. Since we are new, we may not know of any good hotel (Five stars) to lay our head. Our best bet is to locate a person (agent) that know of an address where a good hotel can be found. That man can be Google or Bing search engine. Each of them has different hotels they will suggest. They may not suggest the same type based on their definition of what they think we want and what they think is best for us. In addition, they may suggest an area of the hotel such as the eatery if that was what we wanted and not the main hotel, which can be the sub-address. From here, you can go back to the home page just like going to the hotel from the eatery.

This is exactly what happens when we enter a query in a search engine. They may suggest the home page or one of the pages relevant to your search on the blog you are directed to.

How To Visit This Blog

To visit this blog, it is either through the link from another blog with the blog address or by typing the address in the address bar itself. This will take you to the page you want. Let us say the home page.

For those using a mobile phone, it will be the name of the blog with the signature including a series of recent articles arranged in order. However, this is not the case with those using a laptop. However, mobile users can click on the desktop version icon to view it in desktop format.

In the desktop format. The blogs name and its signature are there. Arranged in a horizontal manner are the menu or categories. They include:

Drug: Clicking on it take you to articles relating to drug on this blog
Patient: A click here refers the visitor to articles on information that patients need to be able to participate actively in their own health need.
Medical Personnel: Everything pharmacy including a little on other health care providers such as pharmacy technicians.
Medical Centre: This include hospitals, clinics, community pharmacy shop etc. clicking this menu takes you to information on these centres.
Healthy Living: Since pharmacy is not just all about drugs, a little dabble into some few health topics that may interest pharmacy and non-pharmacy alike.

Located on the right-hand side of the blog are the most popular post on this blog and featured post.

Social media page for Facebook and Twitter is there at the bottom left. Sitting at the bottom middle is the blog search engine. Any query here gives articles on the blog pertaining to that. If it is not found, it will be indicated. A little to the right-hand side is the contact form. With this, I can be contacted for anything.

Clicking on any post takes you to the post and its content. Within each post are read also, which gives some suggestion as to another post within the blog relating to that post you are reading. At the bottom of every post lies some more information that is very important. The social icons make it easy to share this blog post on social media and a reaction icon from cool to funny etc.

The rest information there is just the name as OP, time of post etc.

I hope this article makes it easy for visitors to navigate this blog. Hope to hear from you in case you have any suggestion as to any improvements or complaints you want to see in the coming future in this blog. Thank you all for the support and encouragement so far so good.

Note: Design and specifications are subject to change (can be without notice)

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Anonymous said…

Please, is it possible for a guy to use condom while having sex and still contact Gonorrhea?
Ugbede Gaius said…
Yes. However, the proper use of condoms will reduce the risk significantly. The organism that causes gonorrhoea can be contacted through the skin of the reproductive organ of which condoms may not effectively cover every part. Abstinence remains the best option. Thanks for dropping a comment

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