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The Most Difficult Course Subjects In Pharmacy School In Nigeria

Difficult courses in pharmacy
Hard course in Pharmacy school
After passing through pharmacy, I sat down one night to analyse all my experiences in the faculty. The major thing that ran through my mind was what I considered the most difficult course subject in my days. I could immediately feel my jaw muscles stiffen. All those horrors started pouring in like a nightmare.

In order to enlighten intending students and fresh undergraduate, I decided to pen down the major courses that sent a ripple down the spine of almost all pharmacy students in my time. This could also be the experiences of most other students in other universities.

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With each level, it was as if the program is getting more and more difficult and hard. As we progress, we realized that some of those subjects were just too easy. Maybe we applied the wrong study method for it. However, these could stand out even as we sometimes discuss them together with other colleagues. Thank God, we made. This calls to mind the words of a musician ‘Together we made it. Yeah! We made it nigga.’

Difficult Courses In Pharmacy School

Pharmacy Jurisprudence: Clinical Pharmacy And Administration

To tell you what this is, many pharmacy students were already aware of this even before gaining admission to the University. I did it in first semester 300 level but the first time I heard of it, I was in 200 level first semester. ‘The fear of Jurisprudence is the beginning of reading.’ Let me explain something about it. This course has very little similarity with other courses in pharmacy. This is pure law. Law in pharmacy and the pass mark is 60 %. Many of us ran away from art because of law and here it is rearing its ugly head at us. It is all about ethics of the profession, the rights of medical personnel, rights of patients, laws guiding practice etc. It involves quoting laws and citing cases, which must be done in red pen. The history of many organisations that relate to the pharmacy profession is taught like Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N), National Agency For Food And Drug Administration And Control (N.A.F.D.A.C) etc.

Biosynthesis: Pharmacognosy

From the stables of Pharmacognosy, this course is a problem child. It involves studying the routes of chemicals in plants from the start to the end. Most of the routes lead to a final product that is important. The worst part of this course is that you must write the various chemicals including the type of enzyme involved with the product using annotated structures. This course can boast of having the most structures in one semester compare to other courses in pharmacy.

So many courses in pharmacy involve cramming (take me anywhere and I will defend that). However, this course cramming is to another level. In fact, the cramming is to another gear. This course can make you look like you are not serious so please prepare.

Chemotherapy: Pharmacology

I will say pharmacology was laughing us for the first year when we started it in 300 level. This all change with chemotherapy. This course is not friendly at all. The reasons why we manage to scale through was the fact that we were just from Industrial Training (I.T). This course is filled with the list of drugs including their actions. Knowing all that is not easy as you may confuse one with another. There are different drugs for different ailments.

Endocrine: Pharmacology

Another pharmacology product. This course can make final pharmacy students wish they never started the profession. It is time to study the many types of hormones in the body, sign and symptoms of the body when there is a reduction or and increase or even the mechanism of such changes. From there we talk about drugs to corrects such imbalance and the way those drugs achieve all of that. Men! That can make you develop examination fever.

Biotechnology And Genetics: Pharmaceutical Microbiology

From the beginning, most of us consider Pharmaceutical Microbiology as the easiest department in pharmacy. All that change when this came up. This course is to some lecturers the future of pharmacy. It involves manipulating genes of microorganisms and humans to achieve therapeutic results. To make matters worse, the volume was no beans. To put everything inside that small skull and bring them out bit by bit in the examination hall was something different entirely.

Organic Chemistry: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry just does not want to be left out. This course is as biosynthesis is terms of structure and chemotherapy in terms of drugs. It involves how medicinal compounds are synthesised with structures. Know the drugs and how they were produced. This is that kind of examination you will forget everything you read when any personal touches you.

The Funniest Course

Let me add this course. It is not among the difficult courses. I just want to say something about it. To me, this is the funniest course in pharmacy. It is Medicinal And Traditional Medicines from Pharmacognosy. This course tends to investigate the effectiveness of herbal medicines with incantations.

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We have talked about six courses in pharmacy that were difficult in undergraduate days. Do you have any that you considered should be on this list? Please, feel free to comment.

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