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Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program For The Re-Certification Of Pharmacists In Nigeria

Program for practicing pharmacist for re-certification
Pharmacist program
Every profession is evolving so too is the pharmacy profession. It is imperative of pharmacist to keep themselves abreast of recent happenings and current trends in the world of pharmacy.
It is in view of this the Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N) has introduced a program designed for pharmacists to keep educating themselves. This program is compulsory for re-certification.

How Continuing Professional Development Program Began

It was in the year 1995 that a call for a Continuous Education Program (C.E.P) for all profession was made in Nigeria in the National Health Summit (N.H.S). Ever since then, PCN has started various programs for that which was known as Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (M.C.P.E). The first and second phase were in 1998 and 2005 respectively.  They were, however, rounded up in 2003 and 2007 respectively. Since it is a continuous program, another phase started 2008 and 2013.

Objectives Of The Program

The following are the objectives of the program:

  • It will help to update the knowledge of pharmacist by equipping them to keep abreast of developments in current trends and practice in pharmacy
  • Provide an opportunity to supplement the initial training of pharmacists by expanding their knowledge base and skills to meet the needs of the consumers/clients of their products and services.
  • Improved the skills and knowledge of pharmacists to ensure their continued relevance in the health care management team.
  • To provide a forum for cross-fertilization of ideas and experience which would enhance the competence and commitment of pharmacists and in turn help to improve the quality of pharmacists’ products and services
  • Serves as an important element of necessary change by preparing pharmacists to learn to adapt, contribute positively, and participate actively in the implementation of change.
  • Ensure that the Nigerian pharmacist is always positively oriented and professionally competent to offer the services for which he is licensed.

How Is The Program Organised?

The program stretch across three years. The semesters are called modules. Each of those modules run for two days at a time. In those two days, several courses will be offered. The total units in each module are much. However, a pharmacist must pass 30 units for re-certification to be approved.

Consider the following rules guiding the program

  • The 30 units pass must be achieved within a space of 5 years
  • Pass mark of 50 % 
  • Must attend all lectures for three modules
  • Attend at least two modules with any other local, regional, or international recognised conferences or seminar with courses recognised by PCN to obtain additional 10 units pass.
  • During the program, a pharmacist must not attend more than modules in a year.

Who Can Participate?

All pharmacist who registered on or before 2008. In essence, after five years of graduation.

Registration Procedure

The participants pay money online. The money covers for refreshment and learning materials. Payment must be processed on or before two weeks before commencement of a module. There is like a penalty for late online and onsite payment.

Note: Failure to participate in this program will lead to the withdrawal of licence.

Exemption From The Program

  • Forty years post graduate Pharmacy experience
  • Public office holders

Note: The first sets are advice to participating while all their expenses are fully paid by PCN
In addition, public office holders like the president must partake of the program once he is out of office.

Centres For The Program

  1. All approved schools of pharmacy
  2. West Africa Postgraduates College of Pharmacist
  3. National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (N.I.P.R.D)
  4. Special providers

Note: A centre must admit more than 50 students for each module, which should not exceed 150.


The following are what is considered for credit pass
  1. Attendance
  2. Instructors’ evaluation
  3. Centre evaluation
  4. Participants’ examination assessment

Note: With the introduction of the online program, lectures, evaluation, and examination has been made easy. This is because participants can now take the course from the comforts of their home while receiving the certificate of attendance online. This online program currently runs concurrently with the classroom formats.


It covers all aspects or areas of the profession no matter your areas of speciality.

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