How To Use Devices And Test For Detecting Ovulation Day

Women who are looking for the fruit of the womb always look for easy ways to predict their most fertile days. There are several methods develop and design over the years with various degree of accuracy. The most accurate of them all is the use of ovulation test device or instrument. There are three kits two of which use urine with the third making use of saliva. Mechanism of action is different because they measure two hormones in the body that is peculiar during ovulation.

Urine Test


This device measures and increase in luteinizing Hormone (L.H) in the body which occur during some hours prior to ovulation. LH surge when an egg is release from one of the ovary. LH can be detected in the urine and blood.

How To Use Predicte

This test strips normally come in a box with about 20 strips for 20 days or attempt. To achieve accurate result, some guidelines must be followed.
To minimise waste of strip, it is good to use calendar method to predict ovulation period. This will make the timing more accurate. You can read more on how to use calender method from the link below.
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But if you don't have any idea about the above information, then start testing from the very day you period stoped. But for those that know, better start a day to when you suspect you will be fertile. For a woman on a 28 days cycle, her ovulation will fall on day 14. In that case, it will be better she starts testing from on the 10th day as her fertile period starts around that time.
First urine is not idea and no particular time is necessary. However, the test timing for the first day should be use for the rest of that cycle. If the first day, the test was carried out by 10 AM, the rest should take place that time.
Take note that drugs and other environmental factors influence result. So always consider all these factors. Avoid any drink 2sone hours to the test and water at least 2 hours to the time.
Remove the test strip from its wrapper. Once remove, it should be use almost immediately. Hold the upper part and dip the lower end inside the cup with urine up to ¹/4 of the strip but not more than the line for 5 second. Hold it downwards for 5-10 minutes but not more than 30 minutes. Observe for colour change.


The test strip have one control line. Appearance of another xolour of same intensity and quality is a positive result. In a situation whereby only the control line is visible, the result is negative. However, when at the end there was no visible line, the result is invalid. Better use another strip for the test.
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Utine ovulation test

Clearblue Advance Digital Ovulation Test

This test works differently from the other ovulation prediction test. It detects LH and ostrogen levels in the urine with one equipment. Unlike the other, early morning urine should be use. Also, drinking fluids hours before the test should be avoided and each test should take place same time each day. There are several factors that influence the result too.

How To Use Clearblue Advance

Unpackaged it and remove the cap. Insert the test strip inside the test stick in the direction shown until it click into place. The next thing is to dip the soft part of the test strip into the urine for some 15 seconds facing downward. Bring it out still facing downward or horizontal. Wait a few minutes for the digital display.


A flashing smiley face is an indication of an increase in ostrogen level. On the other hand, a static smiley face shoes there is an increase in LH. Press the eject button to remove that strip and keep.
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Clear blue kit for ovulation
Clear blue kit


This test measures an increase in estrogen level in the body. This equipment use saliva to detect this increase estrogen level. This test is better done first thing in the morning before eating or drinking even water.

How To Use

Bring out the lens from the equipment. Wash the lens with a clean moist cloth. The best method to apply saliva is to leak the lens excluding bubbles. Make sure the saliva is not thick. Allow the saliva to dry.
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This can take up to 7 minutes. Return the lens, use the fine lens focus to get the clear view. Look out for a clear fern. The thicker the fern, the higher the amount of estrogen detected. Do this continuously for days until you see the day you most likely ovulating.
This method have several advantages such as the cost is a one time off. Although it is advisable for women to change it every two years, all the parts are reusable. This is not so with the other two. Another thing is that this can detect signs of ovulation about six days prior to the day.
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Predicte-plus is to test ovulation

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