NYSC Discharge Certificate, Exemption And Exclusion Letter

Certificates NYSC issue graduates (exclusion, exemption and discharge)
NYSC certificates
The national youth service corps (NYSC) gives a certificate to any graduate of higher institution of Nigerian descent. The type of certificate given depends on the category the graduate falls into. They are;
1. NYSC discharge certificate
2. NYSC exemption letter
3. NYSC exclusion letter
Many people have never heard about exclusion letter. This is because it affects only a small portion of graduates. The major certificate is the discharge certificate. However, here we will know who and who is eligible for either of them.

NYSC Discharge Certificate

This certificate is given to graduates who were mobilised for service and serve the country. The certificate is issued after the one year mandatory service.


Nigerians who studied in a local or foreign institution with a regular degree. They must have graduated before the age of thirty.


The procedure for obtaining NYSC discharge certificate is different for those who studied in Nigeria and those who got their degree from a foreign institution.
Those who studied in Nigeria will have to wait for their institution to send their details to NYSC. The candidate will have to register online. Those who will be mobilised will be given a green card and letter call up letter. They will go for a three weeks orientation camp after which serve the country for another 11 months period. It is after this they will be given a discharge certificate.
As for those who obtain their degree in a foreign institution,they will have to take to NYSC office their documents. The mobilization department will send them a message those who will be eligible for mobilization. They will have to go online to register and at the same time upload their documents. They can proceed to print green card and call up letter before going to camp and finally serve. The discharge certificate is issued at their passing out parade day.
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NYSC Letter Of Exemption

This certificate is given to some set of graduates from who obtain a regular degree within Nigeria or outside Nigeria institution. They will not serve as youth corpers.


The only difference is that they must be above thirty years as at when they graduate. Others that fall into this category are;
1. Those that have served in the Nigerian armed forces or police force for at least nine months
2. Also members of staff of the state security services or national intelligence agency or defence intelligence service
3. Any person that have been conferred with a national honour


Local trained graduates will have to wait for their institution to send their name to NYSC. Candidates will then register online for the service year. Those who are above thirty years old will be given exemption letter notification on their dashboard. They are expected to go to their institution after some time to get the original. However, they can print it online after making payment.
Foreign trained graduates will have to take their documents to NYSC head office for physical verification. Those who are eligible for exemption will be sent a message. They will have to visit NYSC office again for the certificate when it has been processed.
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NYSC Exclusion Letter

Exclusion letter is exclusive to Nigerian graduates from local or foreign institution from part time, sandwich or other similar programme.


Those who graduated from a higher institution with a part time degree, sandwich, distance learning, etc


Local train candidate will wait for their institution to send NYSC the list of graduates. They send a message to those who are eligible for the exclusive letter. The candidate can then go and register online with NYSC. Those who pay the prescribed fee will see their exclusion letter on their dashboard.
Foreign train pass a different process. They will have to visit NYSC office. The exclusion division of the corps certification department receive the application will within 48 hours proceed their exclusion letter after candidate application. They need to be physically present with a means of identification, statement of result and a passport photograph to collect it from NYSC.
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