Benefits Of Pharmacy Internship Programme To The Employer

The benefits of pharmacy internship programme
Benefits of pharmacy internship
Each year, more pharmacy students are inducted into the pharmacy profession. These new pharmacists must complete a one-year mandatory internship training in an accredited centre by the pharmacists' council of Nigeria (P.C.N). The number of accredited centres is enough to house the about 2000 new pharmacist yearly. However, the factors put into consideration by pupil pharmacists make some centres to have limited number of pupil pharmacist while other centres have a significant pool of applicants. Some of the factors include security, what to learn, salary structure etc.
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Each year, the PCN accredit new training centres. However, the PCN have notice that many pharmaceutical establishments are adamant to accept pupil pharmacist. They do not know that the few organisations that do accept interns have some advantages. For that, this post will outline some of the numerous advantages.

Benefits To The Organisation

Free Advertisement

Some pharmaceutical companies today are very popular among registered pharmacists. One of the reason is that their name was in the lips of pupil pharmacist when they were looking for internship centres back in the days. They contact fellow pupil pharmacist on available space. If previous pupil pharmacist liked the centre, the more they sound the praise of the centres to the future pharmacist. This will, in turn, lead to an increasing pool of applicants they will have. The more popular it will become. This popularity turns into increase sales.
Another advertisement avenue is that the name of the organisation is published in PCN websites as an approved centre. With that, visitors will know that the centre is a standard one. Other blogs still publish their names just like on this blog. Some PCN books contain those lists too. That is a cheap advert.
To achieve this popularity, the organisation must provide an all-around need for the pupil pharmacist.

New Ideas

Nobody grows with old ideas in a modern world. New ideas come from various sources. Some people even charge various fees for new ideas. Ideas from people within the organisation may yield the same old result. Ideas from outside source may be all the company need to grow to another level. This is the same principle in the game of draft where an outside eye sees more of the moves than the players are. A very good source is the pupil pharmacist. It is very easy when the preceptor allows them to contribute to decision making.

Cheap Labour

The salary for a pupil pharmacist is usually lower than that of a pharmacist. The job and duty of a pupil pharmacist will provide time for the pharmacist to carry out other duties such as higher creative projects that will increase the productivity of the company. A company with 10 pharmacists may not be productive as another of the same size with 5 pharmacists and 10 pupil pharmacist. This saves money.

Employment Of Better Staff

Employing strangers to manage your business is very risky as compared with a devil you know. Since most pupil pharmacists pass through the organisation, it is easy to see those who will contribute significantly to the success of the company and give them full-time employment. This saves time and energy in looking for competent hands. Statistics have shown that majority of companies with interns have about 80 % of their staffs as former interns in the organisation.
Improve productivity
The more interns in an organisation, the faster work is carried out. More work is also achieved. This leads to increase sales.

Technical Knowledge

No matter how tech savvy you were back in the days, you cannot compare your tech skills and knowledge with a pupil pharmacist today. The reason is that today world has new modern technology that was not available some years back. With modern technology, your business should be ahead of the others. You can use these the knowledge of these pupil pharmacist in advancing your business in the world of technology. A good establishment today must have a vibrant online presence.

Things To Note

Free Labour

Pupil pharmacist requires both money, resources and your time. Since time na money, it also boils down to money on pupil pharmacist.


Have a clear-cut goal from the very beginning of the programme


Only when there will always be a pharmacist in the organisation as a preceptor that will always be around should they apply to have interns.

Setting Up Internship Programme

Before you apply to PCN to consider your company for internship centre, consider discussing the goals with all the staffs in the organisation. Topics include the number of pupil pharmacist needed at a time, salary, etc. The requirements for approval of a centre for an internship by PCN have been outlined in PCN book on Internship Training Centre. This book should be available at any PCN branch Nationwide. However, what is needed is not different from normal requirements for a normal pharmaceutical company. The only difference is that there must preceptor at all time.

  • To apply, go to PCN office or office of the director of pharmaceutical services (D.P.S) in the state for the application form (Appendix II)
  • The completed form is forwarded to PCN’s head office at Abuja. This can be done through state DPS, Nearest PCN office or directly to PCN Abuja office.
  • The completed form must be supplied with Curriculum Vitae of the Preceptor, Photocopies of premises certificate and pharmacist licence.

After inspection, an issue of recognition is issued stating the status i.e. provisional or full and subsequently, certificate of registration is issued.

  • Provisional registration last a period of two years
  • Full registration last a period of five years
  • The certificate of registration may be withdrawn at any time when a standard is breach.
  • Unscheduled visits from PCN periodically to check for breach of standard.

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