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List Of Pharmacy Associations In Nigeria

List of pharmacy associations in Nigeria
Pharmacy associations
The pharmacy profession is regulated by Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N). However, there are a couple of other agencies responsible for regulating some aspect of pharmacy professions such as National Universities Commission (N.U.C) and The National Agency For Food And Drug Administration And Control (N.A.F.D.A.C). NUC regulates pharmacy education while NAFDAC regulates pharmaceutical products.

Just like in other profession, pharmacists in Nigeria and around the world have come together to promote the profession. This they have achieved by forming associations. These associations are far different from trade unions that fight the government for the advancement of the profession using methods such as industrial action. However, members of pharmacy associations make up most trade unions.
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List Of International Pharmacy Association For Pharmacists In Nigeria

International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (I.P.S.F)

This association is a non-governmental, non-religious, and non-political organisation. It is an umbrella body for pharmaceutical students, pharmacy students, and recent graduates from both. Graduates include all those who graduated up to 4 years.
Having its headquarters at Hague, Netherlands, and founded in the year 1947, August 22. It represents over 320,000 members in more than 80 countries with 800 different representative pharmacy students organisation. Membership can be individual or via representative organisation.
Motto: Students today, pharmacy tomorrow.

International Pharmaceutical Federation (F.I.P)

FIP is an international federation of national organisation that represents pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.
Having its headquarters at Hague, Netherlands, and founded in the year 1912, it presently has about 137-member organisation comprising of about 3 million practitioners and scientists.

Commonwealth Pharmacist Associations (C.P.A)

This is an association of professional pharmaceutical bodies and individual’s members from Commonwealth nations. The sole aim is to improve the health of poor member nations using different tools and methods. It has its roots in the United Kingdom in 1970.

List Of Local Pharmacy Associations For Pharmacist In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical Association Of Nigerian Students (P.A.N.S)

The first associations we all found ourselves is the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (P.A.N.S). The structure and function of this association in one of the posts in this blog has been discussed.

Pharmaceutical Society Of Nigeria Young Pharmacists Group (P.S.N.Y.P.G)

The Young Pharmacists’ Group is an interest group of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. Membership is open to all Pharmacists licensed by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria who are not more than 35 years of age and/or more than 5 years post-graduation from an accredited Pharmacy school.
YPG was established in 2012 following the restructuring of the Young Pharmacists’ Forum (YPF) and is modelled after the Young Pharmacists’ Group of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP-YPG).
The Group which is made up of highly motivated individuals leverage on its professional training, intellectual capacity, and youthful energy to impact positively on the pharmacy profession and society at large, whilst encouraging continuous education, development of skills and future grooming of leaders.

Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (P.S.N)

This is the main umbrella body of all pharmacy associations in Nigeria. For more details of this association, please refer to an earlier article on this blog concerning this association.

Association Of Community Pharmacists Of Nigeria (A.C.P.N)

Formerly known as the Nigerian Association Of General Practice Pharmacists (N.A.G.P.P), this association formed in 1981 in Kaduna state within PSN. Members are pharmacists who are into the retail business in Nigeria.

Nigerian Association Of Hospital And Administrative Pharmacists (N.A.H.A.P)

Made up of pharmacists in Nigeria working in the hospital sector, this is another branch of PSN, that is found in 1982.

Nigerian Association Of Academia Pharmacists (N.A.A.P)

Launched in 1981, this association is a branch of PSN and comprise of pharmacists that are lecturers in different universities and school of health technologies in Nigeria.

Association Of Lady Pharmacists (A.L.P)

Birthed in the year 1988, this association comprised of pharmacists that are women. They help themselves in the ever-competitive men’s world to find their footing.

Association of Industrial Pharmacists in Nigeria (N.A.I.P)

Also part of PSN, its members across 300 companies. Members companies include manufacturing, marketing, distribution, consulting and publishing segments of the industry.

Association Of Pharmaceutical Importers Of Nigeria (A.P.I.N)

This association is for those who are into import of pharmaceuticals. They work closely with the food and pharmaceutical regulatory authorities in Nigeria to achieve the purpose of statutory regulation of products in Nigeria.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group Of the Manufacturers Association Of Nigeria (P.G.M-M.A.N)

This is an umbrella body or organization for manufacturers of pharmaceutical and allied products in Nigeria. Membership is open to any pharmaceutical establishment in the federation that has and and utilizes local manufacturing facilities for the production of drugs and medicines from local or imported raw materials.

Pharmacy Technicians And Pharmaceutical Technologists Association

National Association Of Pharmaceutical Technologists And Pharmacy Technicians (N.A.P.T.T.O.N)

Is the umbrella body of all pharmaceutical technologist and pharmacy technician in Nigeria.
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There are several other associations outside Nigeria that Nigerian pharmacist can enroll in. That is why I will say the list is not exhaustive. The other associations are mainly associations in other countries and sprightly for Nigerian pharmacists. For example, Nigerian Association Of Pharmacists And Pharmaceutical Scientists In The Americas (N.A.P.P.S.A), Nigerian Pharmacists Association Of Michigan (N.P.A.M, founded in 2004), Nigeria Pharmacist Association Of Tampa Bay (N.P.A.T) are just some of them. A pharmacist who wishes to travel to a foreign country should do well to consider checking for an association of pharmacists like this as they help new members to find their footing in new terrain.
Maintaining memberships in these association is not compulsory but necessary. There are tones of benefits which is beyond the scope of this post. A pharmacist can join more than one benefiting from each of them. However, every good thing comes with a price tag. Each of these associations must use money to finance some of its activities. This money is gotten from the members. However, the benefits in most cases far outweigh the cost.
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