The Difference Between Community Pharmacy And Chemist Shop

The word 'chemist' means different things to different people based on geographical location. To the English man, a chemist is a pharmacist. This could be trace back to how pharmacy evolve in England some years ago.
Who a chemist is
To the rest of the world, a chemist is one with a person with a basic background training in chemistry. Although it is same in Nigeria, there are another group of person that are called chemist in Nigeria. They are the owners of patent and proprietary medicine vendors (P.P.M.V). These persons are completely different from a pharmacist.
To the English man, a pharmacist a term legally restricted to those who are registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. What this means is that in Britain, a pharmacist can be called a dispensing chemist. However, pharmacist in united states of America are called druggists.
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A pharmacist is trained in the science of pharmacy to prepared and dispense medicinal products (drugs) to people who needs it. A pharmacy with a drug shop is called 'Community Pharmacy.' In this place, drugs are bought, stored, sold, dispense and in some cases mixed. They stock all for s of legal drugs including prescription only (pom), over the counter (OTC) and control drugs (cd). They are also involve in the select, dosing, instruction, synergistic monitoring. To cap it all, they prioritize in getting the patient the medication the physician prescribed ensuring there are no contraindications to therapy the physician is unaware of.
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On the otherhand, chemist can only operate in certain locations where there are no community pharmacy. They can only stock OTC drugs. They sell but do diagnose and treat diseases. They know little or nothing on aspects of medication such as drug-drug interaction, pharmaceutical care, adverse drug reactions, etc.
To be able to differentiate between a community pharmacy and a chemist, please kindly look out for the pharmacy Rx emblem. It is green cross on a white background.
Community pharmacy emblem
Pharmacy Rx Emblem
Please read more about it here.
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