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Function Of Units And Departments In PCN Office

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) is the body charge with the responsibility of regulating the practice of pharmacy and related activities in Nigeria. To be able to carry out it's mandate successfully, it has a structure that is put in place to manage each of it's affairs. These structure are managed by persons at different capacity.
PCN has an office where these persons work. The office is located at Abuja. However, due to the size of the country, they established zonal and state offices to relay activities between pharmacist and the general public to the office at Abuja known as the headquarter.
The headquarter have a structure that both zonal and state offices copied. However, some of the units in the headquarter may be missing in the zonal and state offices. This maybe because some of the offices have been merge or those units are solely the responsibility of the headquarter.
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PCN Headquarter The organogram of t…

How To Write A Good Pharmacy Business Proposal For Bank Loan

Most pharmacist in Nigeria like to own a pharmacy business. Their major setback is start-up capital. They fear bank loans because of their difficult terms and conditions. The few that meets these requirements and apply may not get approval. Corp members are privilege to enjoy soft loan from three sources (bank of industry, central bank of Nigeria and NYSC foundation) with no stringent conditions. Due to this, many apply. However, very few get approval. This is most likely due to failure to provide a robust business proposal.
Acquiring a loan for an existing business is easier than a start-up. All it takes is to state the current stand of the business, what the loan will cover, the value of the loan and how to repay. On the other hand, acquiring loan for a start-up require you to prove beyond reasonable doubt why the business is profitable, the start-up costs, the potential profits with little risk.
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A business proposal is like a project…

Vote Ugbede Gaius For PSN Presidential Young Pharmacist Award

The pharmaceutical society of Nigeria is organizing their yearly annual meeting in Kaduna state. This year's title is crocodile city. One of the highlight of the occasion is the honour awards outstanding pharmacist in Nigeria. There are four categories. Interested candidate can apply online for free. Voting is done online.
I have applied for the 4th category. I need your votes to win this. You guys can do this for me. All you need to do is click on the Google form in this article, select the category you want to vote for. Input my name and pharmacist council of Nigeria (PCN) registration number and send. You can find my registration number in this post. Lastly, add my blog link which is
However, as token for my hard work in drugxpert blog, I believe you guys will do it for me. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
I am pleased to invite you to apply for the presidential awards that will be conferred  during the 92nd Annual Conference invi…

Three Low Interest Loan With Long Repayment Plan For NYSC Members

As the years roll by, the national youth service corps (NYSC) programme keeps adding new project. This is to fill in new gaps in the life's of Nigerian youths. It is known that the major drawback affecting majority of graduates in Nigeria is start-up capital for business. With good ideas on profitable entrepreneur skills, many waste their talent on searching for a job because of lack of finance. However, with available loans with good terms and conditions, the fear of loan will be dealt with.
Bank loans in Nigeria normally come with many difficult terms and conditions. This is not easy for young graduates to meet. So therefore, the NYSC board decides to partner with Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN), Bank Of industry (BOI) and NYSC foundation to provide loan of different amount with simple terms and conditions to corp members. In this post, you will learn about these loans and how to apply.
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CBN Youth Innovative Entrepreneurshi…

How To Upload And Use NYSC Video CV In NYSC Job Portal

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme was established in 1973 after the Nigerian civil war. It's main objective was to unify Nigeria and train youths to be good citizens of the country and beyond. All the activities laid down by the founding fathers saw to this objective. However, as years went by, it became imperative to review some of the objectives. One of the difficulty and challenges corp members face after service year is finding their balance in the labor market. Majority cannot hunt for job with little or no extra vocational trade. To strengthen graduate, they have to add some new programmes.
In other to achieve these new objective, the officials of the NYSC decided to add a programme known as skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development (SAED). To make job hunt easy and straight forward for both employers and youth corp graduates, they also lunch a programme known as NYSC job. They created a website for it where employers from every industry and region…

How The Feeding Programme At NYSC Orientation Camp Is Done

At national youth service corps orientation camp, all camp official and corp members are entitled to three square meal a day. This meals cover a period of 21 days. Both camp official and corp members are given same meal. According to a 2017 report, the ministry of youth and sports development have a budget of N500 daily for feeding of each corp members and camp official. The figure may have gone up this 2019.
All over the Internet, there are complains about the quality and quantity of good given to corp members. This is the reason many corp members visit mammy to attend to issues of the stomach. However, from experience the food is not as bad as they portray it or it has improved.
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If each corp member is entitled to three square meal a day for 21 days, that will amount to a total of 63 meals. From personal and other's people's experience, total meal is 59. No meal is provided a day before camp. The day camp is t…

Expenses You Can't Avoid In NYSC Orientation Camp

Before I went to national youth service corp (NYSC) orientation camp, I prepared for everything. In terms of items I will need, I got the quantity I think I will need without spending too much. I did a lot of calculation. Yet, with all of this I could not prevent myself from spending extra inside the camp. It is inevitable. You can't prevent this. There are things that must take your cash in the camp. They are necessary expenses.
How To Buy Items To Reduce Expenses You can go to a major market to get your things. This is far cheaper. You may not get everything you need if you live far from where the camp is because certain things are only needed at camps. So many people don't sell those things except for business that are close to the camp. That means you have to get those things at the camp.
There is an alternative to buying your things. There are vedors who sell these things Nationwide. They have a prepared list at a specific price. You can check out the list if it suits yo…

Procedure For NYSC Orientation Camp Registration Detail

The national youth service corps (NYSC) is a one year compulsory programme for all graduate of higher institution under the age of 30 from Nigeria. It is built on four cardinal points before the award of the discharge certificate. The first of the cardinal point is the NYSC orientation camp.
After registration for NYSC, applicants that meet mobilization requirements are given a green card. This is followed by a call up letter indicating the state orientation camp they are posted to.
The orientation camp is a place corps members (CM) learn discipline and know more about the state. All these take place within 21 days. They perform several activities. However, all these will not be possible without first registration at the camp.
Report To Camp After getting all the necessary checklist items, you are good to go. It is good to arrive camp a day before if you can. There are some advantage to it. It reduces the stress of joining queue for almost anything you want to do. It also makes it ea…

Prohibited Items Corp Members Must Not Bring To NYSC Orientation Camp

The national youth service corps (NYSC) orientation programme is for three weeks. During this period, camp officials live in this place to dish out instructions, morals, discipline to all corp members living in the camp. For the next three weeks, security is of top gear. There are different modalities put in place to ensure this. From safety from hoodlums to fire hazards down to others.
To ensure all these, the gate is always maned by security men. They ensure non authorized persons do not get access to the camp. They also prevent authorized persons from bringing in dangerous items. There are places even soldiers are not expected to bring their riffles. As for corp members, there are things they are not to come along with. Some are for valid reasons but others I think were done to push corp members to patronise those in mami market. Read on as I will explain this later in this post.
For some of us that were not aware, we came with some prohibited items. However, during the stop and s…

Essentials Corp Members Needed During NYSC Orientation Camp

The national youth service corp (NYSC) programme is divided into four phase. The first phase is the orientation camp. The programme stretch through three weeks. All prospective corp members (PCM) are expected to be in the camp within two days from the commencement. They sleep and do everything within the camp.
To enable you to register for the camp, you need some vital documents. This have been covered in my previous post. However, to make the camp a little bit comfortable, you need to go along with certain essential. But first, you need to know what the government will provid when you get there.
There is three-square meal daily for the next 21 days. There is also toilet and bathroom. The camp should be connected to the national grid and also an electric generator. Water should not be an issue. But you have to provide the rest for yourself. So below are things you may be needing. You canl get them at home at lesser price or buy them in the camp Mami market at an exorbitant rate.
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