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About Me

Am Ugbede Emeoyo Gaius all the way from Nigeria, a guy who loves writing, a pharmacist by profession and an engineer by training.
I learnt about electrical connections and mechanic in petrol engine generator at a young age. Went further to study pharmacy at Delta State University, Abraka. I started this blogging career about two years ago for though the site is down. I use to freelance for about four blogs. I started this blog on the 1st of March, 2017. 
This blog was created out of passion for the profession of Pharmacy and the country of Nigeria. Of all the medical personnel in the country, very few think of blog as a means of spreading medical information to citizens. This could be because of the lack of time they have. In addition, I think it is same in other countries. This is in sharp contrast to what is obtained in other field. They get major online presence. This could have led to the proliferation of non-medical practitioners dabbling into medical field with little or no knowledge and get the respect of readers.
Well, this is about to change as this blog tends to bring first-hand information on Health and Medicine in an easy to understand manner having the country in mind. It will focus on some funny practices that have eaten deep into the fabric of the society, which we may consider harmless because it is an age long tradition. This is meant to bridge the gap between medical personnel’s and citizens
Here, people will see reasons while they ought to be actively involved in their own health.
So, take your time. Explore!
Feel free to contact me for any query, question, request or inquiry using the contact me form or write to me at phcgaius@gmail,com. You can also reach me on my mobile number which is 08081062183.
Ugbede Gaius, the man behind Health and Medicine
ugbede Gaius

Also In This Blog

The History Of Pharmacy In Nigeria

There is a general saying that to know where one is going, it is important to know where you are coming from. True to some extent, this post gives a brief overview of pharmacy profession in Nigeria. However, there are many sides to the history of pharmacy in Nigeria. This post concentrates more on the history of pharmacy education in Nigeria. That is not to say other aspects will not be touch.

The Structure Of Health Care System In Nigeria

Some time ago in this blog, there was a post on the different types of hospitals in Nigeria. This post will categorize them into primary, secondary and tertiary health care based on the qualification of the provider and the facilities.
Health Care Health care is the provision of health related services by a health care provider in various fields to patients, which includes the pharmacy, medical doctor, nursing etc.

Health care provision is divided into three categories. This is based on the health care providers involved in the provision of the health care and the facilities involved. The disease to be treated by one health care may not be treated in the other. This means that the health care provider and facilities vary for each category.
Primary Health Care (P.H.C) Whenever I see or hear the word PHC, the matriculation number we used back in the days comes to mind. Since our matriculation number was using PHC as an identifier, we use to think it meant pharmacy. It took us time befo…

All About Pharmaceutical Technology Programme In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical Technology is a course offered by some monotechnics or polytechnics in Nigeria. It is related to pharmacy. They are not regulated by Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N), and they are not a pharmacist. The academic regulation of pharmaceutical technology is done by National Board for Technical Education Board (N.B.T.E) although PCN has attempted to bring them under its umbrella, which failed.

List Of Pharmacy Associations In Nigeria

The pharmacy profession is regulated by Pharmacists Council Of Nigeria (P.C.N). However, there are a couple of other agencies responsible for regulating some aspect of pharmacy professions such as National Universities Commission (N.U.C) and The National Agency For Food And Drug Administration And Control (N.A.F.D.A.C). NUC regulates pharmacy education while NAFDAC regulates pharmaceutical products.


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