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How To Use Shaving Powder For Removing Beard Hair

When we started as kids, we never knew anything about shaving powder. It was all about the saloon to get our new haircut done our way. Even when the beard started gradually, it was still at the saloon we got it all trim. We only realized the need to cut cost when it require a weekly trim due to the rate of growth when compared to hair on our head. That was when we started using shaving stick.
Unfortunately, shaving stick did not go down well with some of us. It either gave us one razor burn, acne or bumps. This is a very common problem encountered by black men. Black men have serious hard time shaving due to beard hair being too curly and resulting in bad ingrown curly hairs called pseudofolliculitis barbae or razor bumps. To solve this, shaving powders were developed.
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Few shaving powders are available today in the market and can be found in many community pharmacy or online. They are chemicals that remove hair from the face. They are…

Olive Oil-More Than Just An Anointing Oil Suitable For Cooking

The use of Holy oil and anointing oil is a regular feature of most religious activities in Nigeria. Any oil goes but the most popular among the others is olive oil. Goya extra virgin olive oil wins when we talk of brands and type.
Origin Of Olive Oil As Holy Oil And  Anointing Oil The use of olive oil in religious activities dates back to centuries ago. There are records in the Bible where the oil was mixed with others for anointing priest and kings in Israel and use in Egypt, Roman and Greek in their sacrifices and offerings to their gods.
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The tree have been mention in several places of the Bible like when the dove came back to the ark with an olive branch, when Jesus was welcomed in Jerusalem by placing olive branches on the road and when Jesus was praying in the garden of olives.
Today, the rest of the world are moving away from its religious use to a more personal form, consumption. Although, this is not the case yet with Nigeria.

How To Measure Blood Glucose Level Using Home Glucose Meter

Diabetes was once considered a disease condition of the rich. This is because it affected mainly persons living sedentary lifestyle. Also, the cost of management was on the high side for majority of Nigerians. Unfortunately, the spread of this condition is alarming. Maybe because more people are living sedentary lifestyle.
Diabetes is a disease condition in which the blood glucose (sugar) level is higher than normal. This is as a result of poor utilisation of insulin by tissues in the body or poor production of insulin. The end result of it is poor wound healing, high infection rate, erectile dysfunction for men, stroke, ketoacidosis, hypertension, heart problems, skin complications among others. The major sign is frequent urination with glucose.
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A person experiencing one or more of the following may suspect diabetes. Only a laboratory test can confirm the condition. They calculate the quantity of glucose in the blood. Blo…

How To Measure Blood Pressure Using Digital Measuring Device

Blood pressure monitoring is very vital for hypertension management. According to the World Health organization (W.H.O), they recommend that people above 40 years should start monitoring their blood pressure every three years and every year as they get older. A hypertensive patients is one with a blood pressure reading above normal after three consecutive measurements within some days. A single reading above normal is not considered hypertensive but is a risk factor.
Blood pressure can be monitored by train health care personnel like a pharmacist. They do this using a stethoscope and a sphygmomanometer. This is a manual device. However, visiting a health center all the time for blood pressure measurement can be both expensive and time consuming when there are cheaper and better options like a digital blood pressure measuring device. These device are small, cheap, portable and easy to use unlike the manual device which may not be easy for non heath care personnel. Besides, it also hel…

Pain Management Using Medicine Approach

Pain complain is common in Nigeria. This can be attributed to the stressful lifestyle in this part of the world. There are several causes and types of pain. The severity vary between one form of pain to the other.
Pain management makes use of various options suitable for the pain. The choice of approach depends on several factors such as;
1. How intense is the pain?
2. How does the pain feel like?
3. Where is the pain?
4. What makes it worst?
5. When did it start?
Knowledge of the above will give a hint as to the best treatment option. Also, diagnostic approach using;
1. X-ray image for bone alignment
2. MRI or CT scan to help reveal herniated disk or problem with bine, muscles, etc.
3. Blood test for infection
4. Nerve studies using Electromyography which measures the electrical impulse produce by the nerve and the response of your muscles.
Unfortunately the definition of factors like severity is not clear cut as different persons may perceive same degree of pain different. For exam…