Pharmacy Programme In Madonna University, Nigeria

This is the first post on pharmacy school I have not formally been two-semester. The information in this post will use online research.
Madonna University is a private Catholic university in Nigeria. It is one of the youngest in Nigeria with the faculty of pharmacy. It is founded on May 10, 1999, in Okija, Anambra State. The founding father is Father Edeh. He is also the founder of our saviour institute of science and technology the previous year in Enugu.

The main campus was moved to Elele in Rivers State in the year 2004 under the approval of National Universities Commission (N.U.C). The school currently has more than seven faculties including the faculty of pharmacy.
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The first batch of pharmacy students the in the year 2003. They started with the department of pharmacy. In 2005, it finally changed to the faculty of pharmacy with six departments. The school planned the pharm. D programme with this. However, due to NUC accreditation rejection, they reverse back to B. Pharm. The present curriculum may still have that pharm. D tone.

Mode Of Entry

There is three mode of entry into Madonna University, which is through:

  1. Unitary Tertiary Matriculation Examination (U.T.M.E)
  2. Pre-degree
  3. Direct Entry

Unitary Tertiary Matriculation Examination (U.T.M.E)

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (J.A.M.B) score use by Madonna are usually 9 months compared to other universities. I saw it that they do use 160 and above. Most private universities do not use UTME as a criterion for admission. Have not confirmed but I smell that this school also does that for their pharmacy programme. Even when Madonna University is not among the choice of candidate, they are welcome to apply.
To apply, a candidate can go to the school for an application form free. The two-semester is filled and submitted. Successful candidates after invitation start clearance. No post UTME.


The programme is very similar to that of Delta State University, Delsu pre-degree programme. The pre-degree form is for ₦6000. After that, students pass through a screening exercise before the commencement of the programme. No mention of an entrance examination.
The school fess combines tuition and accommodation making accommodation compulsory. ₦231000 is the school fees for a session paid in the two semesters. The next payment is that of the portal fee, which ₦3000 is for each semester. The session is for two semesters ending with an examination. The session is a 9 months long period of academic activities. The examination method is same or similar to the method with that of Delsu.

Direct Entry

Joint University Preliminary Examination Board (J.U.P.E.B) programme at Madonna University comprises of two semesters. Interested candidates can visit the school to obtain the form free of charge or online. Preliminary examination follows admission into the programme. The programme is similar to other universities. The school fess is ₦4990000.
After the result is release, successful candidates that beat the years cut off mark can then proceed to obtain JAMB direct entry form. The direct entry form for Madonna University can be obtain within the school premise free. They still do accept direct entry from other programmes.
They do organise a preliminary entrance examination for students.

Pharmacy Students

Successful candidates will proceed to make payment for acceptance and registration fee, which is ₦150000. The school fees is paid per semester where first semester is ₦590000 and second semester is ₦390000. That is for year one students. The school fees paid to go for ₦269500 in the first semester and ₦169500 for year second semester from year two.
Madonna University has a compulsory accommodation for all students, which is included in their school fees.


A particular blog I stumbled on claimed Madonna have a postgraduate programme for pharmacy. All effort to get other details yielded little results for now. However, I will make further research on that and update this post to that effect.
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Madonna University is a private university run by the Catholic Church. There are things candidates and guardians ought to know before making a final decision if the school is good for them. I have read in several places how the school operates. For example, a parent has to make advance preparation before paying his or her child a visit. In addition, students cannot go off campus without permission. To others who schooled in public universities, this is strange and strict. Majority of the students consider this normal.
Madonna University receive about 47 aspirants for their pharmacy programme yearly from JAMB. The number admitted I guess should not be more than about 80 students.
Madonna University pharmacy programme
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The University teaching hospital is at Elele
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