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Getting a placement for pharmacy internship is a traumatizing experience. Fresh graduates spend time and resources including the risk of getting a placement when they travel to centers. Not the regulatory body, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (P.C.N), nor the government have plans in motion for these newcomers in the profession. This is why they, pupil pharmacist, are left to their fate to hustle for a placement. Since the working condition and salary of the different centres varies, pupil pharmacists throng to centres with a better working condition and pay.

The problem this generates is more applicants in few centres resulting in few actually getting placement. Because of this, a couple of pupil pharmacist spend time and money to get a good location. In some conditions, they do not get it and at the end go for other centres. This circle continues until God knows when.
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One thing interns’ pharmacist must know is that before applying for any centre, a little research by you concerning how the centres admit interns is very important. Some centres give preference to merit which is very rare. That happens mostly in private sectors where pupil pharmacist avoids due to their working condition. In the majority of government sectors, catchment area and connection is the criteria used. Since that is the case, a pupil pharmacist should do well to ask himself or herself the possibility of getting a slot. If the chances are very slim, better do a rethink.
The reason is that the cost of buying form and transportation from one's location to the centre, lodging, and accommodation can leave a hole in the pocket of the young graduate. Applying to up to ten internship opportunity can be a very expensive thing to do. Some buy a form for ₦5000 after which they will submit the form using information communication gadgets. They will further travel down to the venue for an interview, which can take, between ₦3000 if within a state to ₦50000 if in a faraway state. At the end, the total money spent could stand at up to ₦70000. Imagine spending such an amount in about ten centres even if the cost of processing in some centres are low. Some have spent up to ₦200000 – ₦400000 in a bid to work in certain centres. Why waste such amount of money?
On other matter, some have even paid some huge amount of money for slot behind the curtain. I am not against this but care needs to be exercised not to fall into the wrong hand. This money sometimes run through ₦200000. Is that worth it? Let us see the reason why following the above process is a total waste of time and money.
If you work in a government owned establishment as a pupil pharmacist, you will be paid somewhat between ₦1000000 -₦1100000 a year. Now, if you minus the above expenses from that money, you end up with about ₦800000. Fare, right? Wrong! Now lets us do another mathematics.
In most private establishment, they do not sell form. Just submit your curriculum vitae (C.V) and application letter to the venue. Come for the interview on the day it has been scheduled to hold. Since the pool of applicants is less, the chances and possibility of acceptance are high. No much connection and mostly based on merit. There could be an added advantage for doing it close to your location. Now to the important matter that of salary.
Most private sectors pay between ₦60000 – ₦80000 per month. At the end of the year, the money will amount to about ₦800000. Not all centres provide accommodation even in the government sector. However, some privates do. Is it not the same amount of the government salary if not higher?
The truth is, if you have no connection or the behind the curtain runs is too expensive, consider other factors before making your final decision. However, instead of wasting years and money on some centres that without any guaranteed, think again. The provisional licence as I was told last a period of two years from the date of induction after which it must be renewed with some money. I am yet to verify that.
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From the foregoing, it is better to work in a location like in Delta state in a private firm than in a location like Abuja or Lagos in a government sector. A government establishment in a place like Delta can save you a lot of money especially if it was gotten free. However, the whole stuff in this blog post will be totally useless to you if you are considering the best place to learn more about pharmacy. Also, the working time of both private and government establishments is somewhat between 8 - 9 hours. All the government firm I know keep to it. However, it is like most private sometimes overwork their interns more than the time they claim the interns should work. This is the main disadvantage I have noticed. However, I am yet to verify this claim also.
Therefore, if it is money that is determining factor is your choice of centre, this article will help a lot. In case, you enjoyed this, please subscribe to this blog for a future update on pharmacy related topics.
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