Idea Water Temperature For Drink And Bath

Idea water temperature for drinking and bathing
‘Water no get enemy!’ We all use water every day, for one thing, all the other. It is a necessity of life. The major thing we do with water is drinking and bathing and it affects our health in several ways. That is why this post is very timely especially considering the fact that the weather coming is a peculiar one. That is the harmattan season, which comes with the dry wind with hot sun.

We all know that we have a difference in preference when it comes to the temperature of the water we drink and bath with. The decision can have a negative or positive effect on our health. This post is into bits for easy understanding.

Drinking Water

Clean water is good for health. Clean water is a water that does not have disease-causing living and non-living things with the right amount of nutrients. However, the right temperature can mean a lot. The right temperature depends on several factors.


The surface to body ratio of children is small. That is why a little environmental temperature change has a significant change in the Childs body temperature. To illustrate, two-gas cooker with same heat level will heat a kettle of cold water at the same temperature at a different rate if the quantity of the water is different. The more the cold water, the longer it will take to bring it to a boil.
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The temperature of humans including children is about 37° C. The body has a natural mechanism of regulating body temperature. However, children mechanism of temperature regulation is not that strong compared to that of adults. It is also easy to change body temperature when there is extreme temperature change for children compared to adults. Since body temperature greatly affects body metabolic activities, this can lead to some health problems.
Children need warm water. The right amount of water for consumption should be the one at 37° C. The problem is it is very difficult for parents to set the temperature at that figure. The sense of temperature comes into play. For a parent to test the temperature of drinking water, the easiest method is the use of a thermometer. If there is no thermometer, a cup full of the water for the baby be pour on the back of the palm instantly. Using too small quantity can lead to inaccurate results. The reason is that a drop of water at a boiling point on the palm may seem harmless not until a cupful is involved. The water for drinking is not supposed to cross 40° C. Extreme hot temperature may scald their digestive tract because they have a very poorly developed digestive tract and increase the heat in their body and subsequently their temperature, which can lead to a health problem. The cool water of less than 37° C, on the other hand, will reduce their body temperature instantly which is bad for their health.
Environment matters less here. This is because the metabolic activities of children are high and constantly burning heats. They need everything to conserve the heat in the body. That is why they are always on clothes. Cool or hot weather does not alter much of the temperature of the water they should consume.

Youths And Old Person

After coming back from a physical game on a hot sunny day, your best bet is to take a cool refreshing liquid. However, care need to be exercised here as a too much cold drink can cause some health implications. Need not to say that a very common health complication is cold flu. As said before, the body temperature is somewhat around 37° C. During a hot sunny day with physical activities, the body metabolic rate increases increasing the temperature of the body. However, due to the body temperature regulatory mechanism, the body maintains it by losing the heat in different forms. The body surface area is large hence; it normally takes time before the body will start feeling the heat. Once the heat stage sets in, it takes time to reverse back to normal. The heat loss is not actually a permanent solution, as the body will push you to consume water, go to places that are cool etc. The water is to help reduce the heat accumulated in the body. The best temperature of water to do this is a cool water. However, how cool the water should be is a heated debate worldwide. The reason is that there are no scholarly articles for or against it. Therefore, everything you will read here is based on assumption and theory. However, arguments like this are usually back up by principles that when you read, you can make an informed decision.
Your aim is to bring the temperature of the body to 37° C. The temperature is slightly above that. If let us assume the temperature of the body is now 38° C, the temperature needed should be about 35° C. However, this value cannot be valid. This is because just like what we saw in this post back then, the quantity of hot water on the back of the palm determine the temperature the person will feel. To illustrate, drinking a cup of water at 25° C may be able to bring down the temperature of the body to the required range while five cups of water at 36.5° C may not achieve that. Therefore, the quantity matters before pinning down a value.
Another factor we should consider is the effects of water that is very cold such as 0° C. This water can halt metabolic activities in the parts it touches after drinking. Drinking a full glass of 0° C water instantly can freeze the mouth, throat, and the stomach for some time. The temperature of those parts the cold-water touched drop instantly below body temperature. The body parts hit by the water will start looking for ways to go back to the body temperature of 37° C. This kind of shock is very bad to the body. It takes some time before the cold water circulates to other parts of the body to cool the body. In addition, the body usually cools down the water to a reasonable degree before it is digested. Therefore, that low-temperature water stays until it is warm enough to be digested. That period, it will cause damage to the parts it is stored.
Drinking cold water with foods or drugs reduce its digestion also since the body is trying to increase the temperature of the water. Others believe that some few cold water will definitely enter the blood circulation, which will freeze the parts of blood it comes in contacts with. This is believed cause blood clots and causes the heart to pump with force. Since fats in the blood are solidified with the cold water, movement of blood to the extreme becomes difficult.
In summary, cold water
Is bad for sick persons as it causes chill which increases body temperature
Reduce immune system by creating excess mucus (cold flu)
Drinking warm water when the weather is cold is beneficial if done right. The body is trying to adjust the body back to 37° C against the environmental temperature. A warm water is very OK. The water consumed should be enough to achieve the aim of bringing the body temperature to 37° C. However, hot water can burn the digestive tract. A major reason is that extreme environmental temperature can make a seemingly innocent water temperature to be leather.
Nature sometimes is our best bet. When we say nature, we may be referring to our taste bud which may even want a water as low as 0° C. Let us illustrate using sugar. If we always allow nature to rule us, we will sit down under the tree to consume packets of refined sugar. However, we should not always our body natural mechanism to always dictate our decisions. The best lesson from nature should be from our natural environment.
During hot weather, river water is cool. The reverse is the case when the weather is cold. Maybe, that was the initial plan that we drink and bath with water from these natural sources. The temperature has been designed by the creator to suit our temperature need. So when next time you want to take water to drink or bath, consider the temperature of water in the river and aim to make your water same temperature. However, if you still want to drink the extremely cold or hot water, please sip it. It reduce the quantity that hit the body per time. The body should be able to handle this effectively without stress. Nevertheless, the bottom line is the temperature of drinking water should be a little higher or lower than the body’s temperature at any time.
At old age, humans start having some needs of children. Therefore, the elderly should start reversing to children drinking needs as time goes on depending on the age.
The bottom line is to sip water at an extreme temperature to reduce the negative effects.


Bath time is a wonderful time but it is only when the water is refreshing. During the harmattan season, it is a common event to hear people scream just to pour cold water. Some force themselves into the activity just to score a cheap point that they are healthy. To them any other person that baths warm water at this time is unhealthy. The wrong temperature of water can leads to some health problems.


Without wasting much time here, we already know the effects of extreme temperature on children. The best water is always warm water due to their body surface area. However, one thing to note is that the water should not burn or scald their skin.
There are two types of baths, one with a sponge and the other in a tub. A sponge bath is simple. However, tub bath requires the mother to calculate the time the baby will stay in the tub and loss of temperature. A minute is more than enough to loss one-degree Celsius. The reason is that the environment can significantly affect the temperature. In the northern part of the country, water bath that is warm can loss up to 10 degrees in a minute. So extreme care need be taken when doing the calculation in these areas.

Youths And Old Persons

Two factors to be put into considerations here, the internal temperature and environmental temperature. If you use water according to your internal need without considering the environmental temperature, the effects will starts when you are through with the bath. This happens a lot during Harmattan. The environment is hot and dry. The body is less than 37° C. After the bath, the environment will start affecting the person.  Medium water bath temperature is very ok. However, the problem is extreme temperature. Medium is the temperature at the body temperature of 37° C. Temperature above this value have negative effects.
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The cold water of about 0° C will constrict the blood skin vessels. This will restrict blood flow to these parts. If you look at this proper, you will see the problem it will cause. The skin is the largest organ in the body. Imaging all the blood meant for it going back to the body. This will increase blood available for circulation in the body. This will increase blood pressure, more work for the heart. This leads to hypothermia.
Hot water, on the other hand, will open the skin blood vessels for blood circulation. This will increase the heart pumping rate and harder. Other problems include fats that protect the skin will melt leaving the skin for diseases.
Using bathtub is good for adults. It helps to put some pressure on the heart, the same effects swimmers experience helping to exercise the heart. However, using the bathtub in extreme water temperature produce worst results as compared with those who use a sponge to take their bath.
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